Immigration has been a widely talked about subject for many years people Essay

Immigration has been a widely talked about subject for many years, people either support it or do not Support this. Immigration is a movement of people who move into a country, they do not have citizenship and risk the chance of being deported. Many who are against immigrants make it seems like they are bad for our country, 87 percent of trump’s supporters have said that immigrants are a very big problem. Over the last decade, growth rates in the advanced economies have averaged 1.

2 %, down from an average 3.1% during the previous 25 years-Jason Furman,July 23 2018 New York Times. Immigration is more necessary than ever because population aging and lower birth rates across advanced economies are producing, retirment booms without a consumerate cohort of native prime age workers to support it-Jason Furman, July 23 2018. A poll was taken in March 2016, this poll said that about 35% of voters voted that immigrants take american health care, and jobs. Immigration is a key component of American values and dreams.

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Immigration has been a widely talked about subject for many years people Essay
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When a parent is deported, the children stay in a foreign country and are put into a foster system without choice. More than two hundred and forty five children are in custody because their parents are being deported back to their country but many parents decide to take the risk and stay in the country. This leads to serious jail time in the future if they are caught. These children spend approximately five months in government Custody, before they get in contact with their parents. Many of these children decide to not be deported even when given the option to be deported along with their parents. They take a very big risk to make a living on their own in the states without any Guidance. This is very dangerous, especially if they are living in a country where they do not know the language. Parents are not abandoning their children but weighing things such as the dangers the child faces in their home country-Gelernt, October 18th 2018. Experts have proved that children have been deeply traumatized by events happening in the foster system. Many children claim to suffer from nightmares, due to traumatic events. They are told if they misbehave they would not be let out of their foster home until they turn 18, the age where you become an adult. They would inject out of control kids they had strict rules, no touching, no talking, light on at 6:30 am and lights out at 8 pm.-Sandy, October 18 2018. A child named Sandy was put into the foster system once her parents were deported. While staying there Sandy had contracted conjunctivitis, conjunctivitis is a an inflammation of the eye. Also known to be pink eye, She was isolated from everyone else, by being put into a room where she was kept in for weeks. When she would want to go see her Brother Who was also in the foster system,guards took the boy away. Sandy and her brother were both put into separate homes.This caused Sandy to become depressed during her time living there. When she wanted to go see her brother she was warned that she could not see him again. A program called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is specifically for children whose parents came to the states , they have a two-year period of deferred action. Deferred action does not give permanent citizenship or residence. They can obtain a work permit in the U.S. This initially was created so that the children would have a better life and education. Since September 17th the program has been ended by our president Donald Trump. There could be a great impact on the economy, If Trump does not pass a plan to help DACA members. The United States will likely face a lot of backlash as businesses start to go down due to the fact that this program is ending. Our country’s immigrants have made a major component to the U.S. about 5 percent of DACA members have started up their own business, this is contributing to our economy. There are over 28.8 million small business in america, about 99.7 percent of all are U.S business. They employ about half of the country, these employees add value to the economy. If you were to take away a large portion of these jobs a fiscal shock will occur-Rafael Medina, April 15th 2018. Deporting DACA members also hurts us, This is something very important that many fail to understand.Many people may argue and say that immigrants coming to the U.S is wrong because they take american jobs and lower wages. This is in fact a myth, illegal immigrants actually raise our wages. They boost our economy by hiring undocumented immigrants to work low wage jobs. immigrants have had a major impact on our society,politically,and culturally. They increase both the supply and demand sides of our economy. This creates substantial economic growth. Immigrants don’t hurt us and they do not pose a threat like many may see, they deserve to start a new better life in a place where they feel the safe.

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