Immersion Reflection Essay

“Experience gives us the tests first and the lessons later.” With this activity that I joined for the first time, I fully understand why it was called an “immersion.” It was to throw or absorb ourselves into the situation of others. At first, I was really nervous meeting my foster family with my buddy who was in 4th year and whom I barely know. I and my buddy have different or opposite personalities because it was the intention of the one organizing to pair up 2 different people of the same sex so that at least we are exposed to people with such personality.

Having my buddy around who was not that shy and quiet unlike me, I enjoyed every second with her and my family. I was really lucky living with the Lotino family who really welcomed, accepted and treated us as true family members. They were really hospitable.

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Immersion Reflection Essay
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They really taught me something about being one family. As one family, they continue to fight together side by side through the difficulties and struggles that they would encounter with support and help from each family member.

As I have seen, they are really happy despite that they have a little house, not that much furniture and the like, as long as they are together. With this, seeing that they are happy with their status in life, I realized that I should be contented with what I have considering that I am more fortunate in view of my life. But I didn’t only observed oneness within the family but also within the community. I observed that they share food within the community.

They hand out food from one house to another as needed. I was really impressed with how they organize their community. Staying with the Lotino family, I learned a lot of things just like mag-giling ng bigas to make bibingka, many have been enthralled with this including me but it takes time and effort to make this. We also made palitaw and puto and we went house to house to sell them within the GK village. As we were about to leave, nanay Luvy prepared 2 bibingka for me and Ate Bhea (my buddy) that would serve as our pasalubong.

Then, surprisingly, nanay Luvy started to cry and said that she will miss us and thanked us for appreciating their life. We were touched with what nanay Luvy said and hugged her. I really learned a lot of things. Happiness is not really on material things but it is more on love and support from people especially from the family. Simply having a complete family can be the greatest happiness that we can achieve.

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