IKEA’s Brief History and Mission Statement Find out how a Essay

IKEA’s Brief History and Mission Statement

Find out how a simple business idea can become a global organization.

it all started in Sm?land. From A to Z. Our Swedish origins.

It’s not by luck that Ikea logo is blue and yellow. It is coming from Swedish flag colors. In Sweden, nature and home play a big role in people’s lives. In fact, one of the best ways to describe the style of Swedish home furnishing is to describe the bright, fresh air, albeit limited and modest.

By Ingvar Kamprad. IKEA was established in 1943. Actually, the names of IKEA were taken from the first letters of Ingvar Kamprad and the First letters which are also was taken from the first letter of Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd and it is mean a place which is growing in Sweden, farm and village. The beginning he started to sold pens, billfold, wristwatches, picture frames, table case and Jewelry. It was costing low prices in five years.

When he saw there is a favorable result. He widens the space. IKEA was established the first catalogue was in 1951. The First exhibit for IKEA it was in 1953, To let the clients can see the products and fell the Quality before buying it. The exhibit was the right example it was when the other competitors lowering the prices. Finally, IKEA, achieve success to move on to Design Furniture for apartment basis. Level pressing started when an organization specialist disassembled a table to fit inside the vehicle to maintain a strategic distance from harm to the item. kit-form furniture engenders from this action plan. In the end, the First branch of IKEA store opened ?lmhult, Sweden. Which was the largest furniture exhibition in Scandinavia with 6.700 square feet of home equipment’s.

However, absolutely, IKEA was not presented there. After it is opening the first restaurant in the branch. And they opened three branches over three years, openings around Europe, the United States and Australia, the Official site of IKEA were established in 1997. Nowadays scene as of May of 2010, IKEA Has 313 branches in 37 different distinct countries. IKEA purpose statement was being “create a better Everyday life for the many”, that is mean “Offer a wide range of home equipment with the great structure and capacity at costs so low for customers who can able to purchase it”. in the earliest starting point, IKEA has taken alternate way. They decided to support others. That means” reacting to the home equipment to the needs of clients in the world. customers with a lot of different needs, tastes, dreams, ambition and billfold, size clients who want to get better their apartment and their daily life. It is easy to industry expensive luxurious furniture. Only expand the money and let the people pay. To industry wonderful, solid furniture in less price, it is difficult-it orders different path. It is about results unpretentious solutions and to economies on each fashion, operation or way adopted – However, yet not on thoughts.

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