Ideal Community to Me Essay

Introduction: Everyone has their own perception of an ideal community. The selection of components for any ideal community will vary depending upon the upbringing, culture, norms and values that prevail within any individual portraying view of an ideal community. Ultimately the task is to develop or construct such a community whose underlying principles, values and system of administration is based on key notes which shall be ideal for all of the people that live in that community irrespective or their religion, caste, creed, race, culture, ethnicity and other dogma that prevail within them.

Construction Of an Ideal Community: To construct such a community we need individuals with specific traits and qualities who work for the task assigned to them beyond their personal beliefs. Such individuals work solely for the purpose and cause of constructing an ideal community with its underlying principles focused primarily on service of humanity. An ideal community has to be perfect in many ways that it shouldn’t be only ideal for the individual that house in it but also for others who view its system and functioning from outside as well.

For this following facts are needed to be considered and worked upon • Demographics And Psychographics. • Location • Government • Recreation • Law and order • Health, social & spiritual needs • Education • Commerce or transportation Demographics And Psychographics: The individuals settling in my ideal community can belong to any age group, sex and ethnicity. The individuals residing in the community shall hold ownership of homes as this gives assurity of their activities and actions as they reside permanently in the community.

Interested renters with family shall have chances of occupying residence in the community. Residents should have an adjusting, respectful and accepting attitude. Location: The community shall be located at a place which should be safe from much pollution, crimes and other hazardous activities while at the same time have all the important resources required by the occupants nearby like grocery stores, bus stands, subway stations, health care centers, congregation sites, cafes and recreational centers nearby.

Urban centers allow for a much easier access to services and social opportunities, so my ideal community would be located here for my family and I. Yes it is true that Rural areas are more known for having lower crime rates and tend to be easier to network, the fact that these areas are less populated and in greater distance than that of urban areas turns me away from these areas as it would be much more difficult to access the necessary services and social opportunities. Government:

The residents of my ideal community should take part in the direct voting process and clearly have a say in who the government would consist of. The community and government should clearly work together to create our ideal community. Recreation: Recreation consists of opportunities to express creativity, achieve and master new things and feel good about doing so. Community based recreation offers an opportunity to meet people while enjoying a range of social, cultural or physical activities (http://recrend.

freeservers. com/whats_new. html). My community will have facilities that shall promote recreational activities of the residents. Various recreational centers shall be established furnishing the needs of majority residents. This way the residents will have chance to interact and develop relationships. Working in the recreation field is important for me, and my ideal community would have an abundance of recreation and leisure opportunities at hand, not just the aforementioned recreational centers mentioned above.

Recreation and leisure are important to all because: they enable participants of a community to become involved and feel part of it; they increase the opportunity to gain and develop new friendships; they can bridge the gap between attending and participating in the community; they allow individuals to contribute their skills to the community and feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment; and they promote friendships through shared experiences of recreation and leisure (http://recrend.

freeservers. com/whats_new. html). The reasons mentioned above are huge to me and my ideal community, because as many of them state they promote a huge sense of togetherness and this would be key in any community of mine. Law and order: Residents are supposed to adhere to the laws of the country along with observing community rules and regulations. The rules and regulations shall be made in a way that all residents shall have independence within their

individual capacity but activities of residents that may offend or disturb another resident within the community will not be permissible as it can disturb the community. Health, social & spiritual needs: My ideal community will propagate equality of rights in terms of health, social and spiritual needs. All communities should be allowed to practice their faiths to a capacity where it does not offend others, and this would be the case in my ideal community.

I feel that quality health care is a required service that must be present within not only my ideal community, but within any community anywhere. In regards to this, health care facilities, hospitals, and the proximity to them will be key within my community. In case of emergency immediate attention, for myself, friends, family, and fellow community members, access to these necessities will be huge. Many communities worldwide do not have this necessity, and the death toll rate because of this in those areas is at an alarmingly high rate.

My ideal community will not have this issue. Conclusion: All topics discussed in this paper are elements that are important to my idea of an ideal community. There are many other elements which I did not discuss that are also key to the development of any ideal community I will be located in. The main element which I feel is necessary in any ideal community of mine is the sense of togetherness (http://www. buzzle. com/articles/what-is-the-importance-of-a-community. html).

The sense of togetherness among individuals helps in the creation of many successful communities. Without this so-called togetherness, individuals tend to compete with one another, and this competition can lead to a significant amount of conflict and violence which no community needs whatsoever. References n. d. What is Recreation and Leisure. Retrieved October 6, 2011. http://recrend. freeservers. com/whats_new. html n. d. What is the Importance of a Community. Retrieved October 6, 2011. http://www. buzzle. com/articles/what-is-the-importance-of-a-community. html.

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