I Varshini Srinivas a Bachelor’s degree holder in Computer Essay

I, Varshini Srinivas, a Bachelor’s degree holder in Computer Science & Engineering from Dayananda Sagar College Of Engineering, Bangalore, and I aspire to pursue MS in Computer Science.

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I Varshini Srinivas a Bachelor’s degree holder in Computer Essay
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My schooling and four years of undergraduate studies have made the choice of further study, for me, an obvious one. At high school, a course in computers was a part of the curriculum. The course impressed upon me the significance and utility of the computer to the extent that I decided to major in Computer Science. This decision taken, I started looking for an institute tailor-made for my ambitions and desires. Then, I heard of Dayananda Sagar College Of Engineering – Bangalore, a pioneer institute, with excellent infrastructure, labs and faculty that laid emphasis on fundamental concepts rather than learning by rote; an environment conducive for fulfilling my dreams.

During the course of my graduation, I learnt of the many facets of computer science and their applications. Once a strong foundation was laid, I was introduced to the various streams that formed a part of this vast subject.

Of all the streams, Artificial Intelligence is without a doubt the area of computer science that I am most fascinated by, because it will allow us to achieve feats immensely more impressive that were ever possible before, but also has the potential to be the most disruptive force to the global economy in human history.

Thanks to the exhaustive curriculum of our institute, I have done several projects over the span of four years. A few of those being, A Video game AI using Deep Reinforcement Learning where the game was improvised by training the game from its past experience to perfrom better in the future utilizing Reinforcement Learning approach, this particular project lead me do a research and know more about artificial intelligence. In addition, I have worked on many other mini projects which include Online Resume builder, Hospital database creation, Online quiz program, a graphical representation of a story using visual studio during my course.

Apart from my interest in computer science and my study preoccupation, I also give my spare time an important role, because it is the only occasion for me to relax. When it comes to sports, I prefer chess as much as I can, because when you play, you’re on your own, and if you lose, you have to take stock and analyze just where you went wrong. Playing and analyzing why you lost or won a game increases the level of mental strength and self-confidence that you bring to the world beyond the chessboard. In addition to this, I practice yoga, as I believe its purpose apart from the physical benefits is how it helps a person manage stress, which is known to have devastating effects on the body and mind, Yoga can be very effective in developing coping skills and reaching a more positive outlook on life.

Also, my part time job at a local super market has provided valuable experience of the workplace and taught me how to work effectively as a member of a team. It has also made me organise my studies and private time more efficiently.

With Computer Science & Engineering developing fast and throwing open its frontiers to budding, adventurous students, providing novel and more challenging vistas in fields galore. While I may not be the best judge of my qualifications to undertake Graduate Studies, I am certainly conscious of my strong motivation and desire towards developing my technical knowledge in both breadth and depth.

The opportunity to pursue graduate studies at the X University will enable me to achieve this objective. I will have an opportunity to work both independently as well as in co-operation with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. By the end of the program I expect to have entered an area of specialized research and contributed significantly towards it. I am confident of performing well at X University.

My interests are mainly in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Having been exposed to these interesting subjects, I am keen to take up more advanced courses in this and related areas. I feel that your university, with distinguished faculty and excellent facilities, is the ideal solution to all my aspirations and goals.



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