I Meka Amaleshwari consider that the main purpose and aim of anyone Essay

I, Meka Amaleshwari consider that the main purpose and aim of anyone is and should be (a) to progress and prosper well, (b) to make life worth-while, meaningful and purposeful, (c) to achieve what are aimed, dreamt and desired, (d) to be useful to the family and society in the best possible manner and (e) to live a happy and contented life. Above expectations and aspirations reflect what are aims, objectives and purpose of my life.Starting off with my academic’s, I completed my schooling at Bhashyam High School Hyderabad, India.

My school helped me develop better in the field of science, right from the initial stages, with different techno fests, science expos and I have secured 74% marks in 10’th grade. Then I said to myself that I’m a far better performing student than these marks suggest. Hence to prove my capability to myself I worked hard with sincerity and devotion and obtained valuable marks of 75% in my Board of Intermediate at Sri Chaitanya Junior College, Hyderabad, India.

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I Meka Amaleshwari consider that the main purpose and aim of anyone Essay
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At very young age as a student in high school, I developed interest in science subject. I’m very curious about human body and its functioning. Day by day my interest towards science developed endlessly. So as a part of my career I have chosen biology, zoology and chemistry as my primary subjects. The interest in the subjects developed in every stage.Early in my undergraduate study I was introduced to basic subjects like chemistry and biology. I understood the key features of each subject and realized that one was an improvement of the other. Pharmacology being the most powerful and vast subject of all fascinated me the most. My first project was Analysis of the drug using different chemicals.After my studies I got a chance to show my skills and got placed in a reputed Multi National Company. Now I look forward to a career as Healthcare management Professional. I believe that graduate studies in management would provide me with the opportunities to attend advanced courses and would be the stepping-stone to my career in Healthcare management. UNIVERSITY CANADA WEST suits my interest because of its advanced academic curriculum and world-class fieldwork that helps to develop critical administrative effectiveness. I believe that it is the best environment for me to achieve my goals while gaining experience and exposure to a diverse student body and faculty. I believe that no other Institution provides students with the combination of culture, education and environment, required for an overall personality development.Why University Canada West: – University Canada West is one of the largest, most differentiated and highly respected university in Canada which is established in 2005. The facilities offered by college will help me gain skills be it social, recreational or my personal development. The program brings together applicants from all over the world. So I would be happy in being contact with diverse cultures. It would reward to share and exchange thought’s from different nationalities, cultural orientations and schools of thought on one platform. I find that Master of Business Administration program is fully suited to my needs and that it possesses a strong faculty in the field of MBA.An eminent qualified and reputed faculty, excellent facilities, pleasant University ambiance and a balanced academic program which are very much conducive to the fields of my interest. I feel MBA foundation and Master of Business Administration in University Canada West is the right place to embark upon a good career. Moreover, they deliver high-quality Education and an outstanding student experience in a supportive and engaging environment. Therefore, I find University Canada West is the best place to be as a Full-Time student in Applied MBA Foundation and MBA.Reason to opt for Master od Business Administration:In the current business environment, professionals have much more responsibilities than ever. They are leaders and managers at the same time. Indeed, one of the major challenges they face is managing complex projects that are critical to their business organizations. My education background and passion towards Information Technology and Healthcare management in recent time has driven me to the course Maters of Business Administration “. This course will provide me with a wide variety of Skills required to thrive in this highly dynamic environment. Through this program skills will be developed in the critical IT Project management areas of Organization planning. During this course, I will be getting in depth Knowledge in Various Courses such as IT Management, Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making, Production & Operations Management, Managerial Economics, Human Resource Management, Leadership & Change Management, Management Information Systems, Financial Management & Strategic Financial Decisions for Project needs etc. This course will provide me with a theoretical understanding of how to manage project’s, Business management objectives, and resources Management, an in-depth idea of real-world approaches. Family Motivation: I was born in Hyderabad Telangana, in a well-cultured middle-class family. My father Mr. Venkata Rama Reddy Meka is a government employee in Hyderabad, my mother Mrs. Krishna Kumari Meka is a home maker and my elder brother Venkatesh Meka who is a permanent resident of Canada and is working with IBM Canada Ltd, for a while. My family being friendly, motivated me to pursue higher education which adds value to my career. My parents and brother are financially supporting me during my studies in Canada. We have enough funds to pay for my tuition fee and stay in Canada. I paid 1st semester full fee to University Canada west and GIC amount to ICICI Bank. Why I Want to Study in Canada:Canada has a world-class Education system which provides the highest quality and cost-effective tuition and living compared to other countries. Canada is a beautiful place to explore and it is a Multilingual Society which gives me a great exposure to various people, customs, and cultures. Canada has a stable democratic government that supports International students in their education. I feel like I will be able to learn and evolve into a smart and confident person in Canada. I think it will give me a new side of living life. My parents also appreciated my decision as Canada is safe to survive. For a long time, I have dreamt of studying abroad and being a part of an international community, as well as to visit new places and meet people from different backgrounds. MY FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES:After completion of my MBA Foundation and Master of Business Administration, I can expect a wide range of rewarding career opportunities that are dynamic, challenging and sustenance my passion. I am pretty sure that I will have an edge over local competitors once I complete my post graduate studies from a prestigious University in Canada. As I am the younger child to my parents, I want to make my parents happy by getting into a very big position staying closer to them rather than being away in another country. I am very much confident after my return to my home country with foreign exposure will be able to choose a wide variety of advanced-level employment opportunities in Project Management where I can manage Strategic planning, Human resource management, Risk management for IT Business Solutions in INDIA. I hope all the facts mentioned above will clear any concerns towards my course of study and financial status and returning back to India. My intention to pursue a higher study in Canada is to gain a foreign exposure which will enable me to upgrade my overall personality and hopefully become better professionally and intellectually.I am confident that with my grit determination, an uncompromising stand on professional ethics along with the ability to embrace change by adapting to the situation, a result oriented approach and above all the willingness to learn make a good prospect for pursuing Masters at your renowned university.I thank you for giving me this opportunity for expressing my views and for taking time to go through my humble appeal.I sincerely request you to grant me student Visa.

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