I came to Canada from India on December 102010 My first day Essay

I came to Canada from India on December 10,2010. My first day in Canada started at Toronto airport. I will never forget that day.?I was only 6 years old when my parents told me and brother that we were moving to Canada.I can rember waking up at 1 am in the morning to catch the flight from India to Canada.I was so thrilled that I forgot about the formidable effort of getting up so early in the morning.My mother ,Father ,borther and I set off to the airport.

I rembember my grandparents came to pick us up in there yellow sedan to transport us to the airport with its small tiny seats ,which made it hard for the whole family to sleep .Sitting next to my baby brother made it incredibly iriitating as he was crying the whole time,which made the travel to the airport even worse.My brother was just born , and he only turned 1 years old a few days,After few minutes we were held up due to a truck collision on the highway this held me in suspense if we were going to arrive at the airport in time for the flight.

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I came to Canada from India on December 102010 My first day Essay
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After few minutes the accident was clear and we set forward to the airport.I rember that we were late to the airport and that one employee at the airport had to take us in there shuttle.

I I was extremely nervous scared as I was bording the airplane.As walked my way up the ramp to the the entrance of the airplane ,I rember feeling that there were butterfiles in the my stomach.I felt that my body was going to collaspe when I walking to the entrance.This was an experince I would never forget in my whole life.When I was proceuding to the seats,I wondered ”How my dad was supposed to put the bags in the small overhead compartment? ”To my surprise the fligh attendent helped my dad out to put the bag into the overhead capmartment with ease.As I sat down I was somewhat relived to see that I was near the front of the plane.I felt more secure being close to the piliots cockpit and the bathroom.I took me about 10 minutes to get comforble.As I was sitting down I was still coming to to thinking that I was going to be on air for about 18 hours.As the plane started to take off I was so scared I had goose bumps coming and got frightend by the speed of the plane.I almost even unrinated on myself.However after while of being on air,I felt a lot better and was able to find out the differnce between business class and first class.I was thrilled about the service that was to serve me food and assit me in the plane.After few minutes I recived my dinner and also watch some free moives.Sitting next to the windows seat,I was able to see an amazing view.When I looked out the windows I saw clouds just outside ,which made me feel that I was at heaven.After few hours sitting at my seat and watching moives ,I looked out the windows and saw how the day and night was meeting to gether in the middle.It was the msot amazing visual I have ever saw.The sun sitting down through the clouds and the clouds making unqiue figures.It was like as if I was walking on the heaven.Quickly after the plane started to bounce around and shake,I got curious to what this was.At that moment the piliot anounced “that we were being effected by turbulence so be sure to put your seat belts.”Quickly after a while the turbulence ended and the piliot announced that “we were half way to our destination.”

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