I am Chantel Cohen working as a senior analyst in the ABC Essay

I am Chantel Cohen working as a senior analyst in the ABC company, am writing to you to propose a business step that will enable us to serve our customers effectively on a timely basis. The proposed idea will also help the business cut on unnecessary costs. Kindly consider deciding on the proposed installation of an automatic mail response system. Below is a detailed proposal containing the problem statement, the solution, cost analysis, and the conclusion.

Problem Statement

Most of our customers use emails for communication about their online orders, compliments, and even comments.

Some of them subscribe to our online platforms. We serve large numbers of customers within this town and outside the town. From the previous business report for the previous year, the most common significant way of communication was the use of emails. Daily, the customer service department received five hundred emails averagely. Most of the emails were inquiries from customers who either were getting concerned about the delay of delivery or how to place orders.

The customer service department picked a hundred calls daily while dealing with the concerns from our highly esteemed customers. The emails are too many to be replied at once. Our customer service department can only reply to two hundred emails. Thus, three hundred emails are left hanging. Many customers turn to call the customer care line when their emails are not replied immediately, or they are not updated after carrying out any online transactions. The customer care service department received numerous complaints on the length of time taken to reply to these emails. Some turn the social media pages into complaint boxes to throw tantrums on the emails which are not responded to.

Other than not serving our customers adequately, the manual emails have much work to construct. Replying to two hundred emails require a lot of work and engagement in the computer. As a result, most services may remain unattended to in the customer service department. The emails can also be delayed because of network issues because they are not automated. The customers take time to receive these emails, and the information may no longer help them. Due to these inconveniences, the customers have cited poor customer care services and delayed responses. The workers in the customer care department have also been overwhelmed by the unautomated emails, which is our current marketing tool.

The solution

An automated email response will be a solution to the delayed replies and the overwhelming work of replying to the numerous emails. Automated emails are carefully written and drafted and sent to subscribers or customers on a specific time, depending on their activities on a specific website. Every time the customer does activities such as subscribing, ordering a product, or leaving a product on the cart, they receive a specific prewritten email. They include a wide range of emails such as welcome emails to new subscribers, thank you emails for those that receive services, and customer feedback email. Customer feedback email enables a company to receive answers from the surveys they send to customers who receive their services. Order confirmation emails communicate the shipping details and the payment receipt which the customer will show on delivery.

Such kind of emails does not require a developer who sends them because they are automated, unlike the ones, we use which require a response from our personnel. The inquiries, compliments, and complains from the subscribers are also dealt with. For instance, if a customer subscribes to the business website, he gets an automated confirmation email as well as a series of other emails which guide him on ordering products, the terms and conditions and the mode of payment. The inquiry emails will be few. Other than being automated, the emails will increase sale and improve customer relations. The customers will be getting their information at the right time. They will also receive promotional messages which will guide their purchase. The automated emails educate the customers once they subscribe to the website. Good customer relations are as a result of timely and appropriate communication from the sellers. The sales will increase because customers have the right information, and they can receive emails on a timely basis.

Installing the email automation system requires four key steps; planning the type of messages to send to the customers, identifying the appropriate email service providers, setting the emails, and measuring the efficacy of the emails. From our customer care service desk, most of our customer’s emails are about inquiries. However, as a business, we also need to receive feedback from the services we offer. Welcome emails, promotion emails, thank you emails, customer feedback, and response to inquiries email will suit ABC company. The company will developer prewritten emails, which will automatically reach the customers after any activities on the website. The choice of email service providers must suit the business operations. Since ABC is business-oriented, Mid-tier email service provider is the best. Mid-tier analyses all the activities at the website and comes up with a report on the operations of the business. The report is generated every week. This service providers also monitor new trends in the market and updates the company appropriately. The email providers will be sending emails to the customer. To ensure the automated emails are working efficiently, the company will check the authenticity of the emails and responses from the customers. In case of any technical hitches, the service email provider is reliable. They fix any errors and ensure that the company is running smoothly.

Cost Analysis

The cost of email marketing is approximate $3300-$ 500 every month. This caters for all the emails that the email service provider sends to the customers and maintenance and repair costs. The benefits include a rise in sales by at least 10%, improved customer care services, and building relations. The workload on the customer care desk will also be reduced, and the customer care providers can concentrate on other aspects. Receiving survey feedbacks on time enables the company to adjust its operations accordingly. The benefits of installing the automated email response system overweigh the costs. The basis of any success of a business depends on its relationship to its customers and the satisfaction they enjoy.


Manual emails have disadvantages such as delay in service delivery and increased workload. The customers are likely to switch their interest if the company does not attend to them. The automated email response system is a solution because all the emails will be replied on time. The workload will decrease because the emails are automated. Getting customer feedback is also more comfortable since the emails contain online surveys. The process of installing the automatic email response requires an email provider who will also provide maintenance and repair services. The benefits of installing the automated mail response overwhelm the speculated cost.

Yours Sincerely,

Chantel Cohen

Senior Analyst

ABC Company

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