I always expected to leave High School in 2008 with a clear Essay

I always expected to leave High School in 2008 with a clear vision of what I wanted to be, what career path I was going to take. But as it happens it didn’t quite work out that way for me. For years I have been in and out of jobs due to not being completely satisfied but not quite knowing which path I needed to take either, I have gone from studying dance, working in childcare, receptionists, merchandising and most recently retail.

It was in 2011 when this cycle changed when I fell pregnant with my son. At my 12 week scan he was diagnosed with a condition called Gastroschisis, it was this pregnancy that made me need to become a Midwife. I received loads of support from all the Midwives throughout my pregnancy and after birth, they were always there to reassure me and care for me when I had fears for my son and questions regarding the condition. The care I received was outstanding.

This was what I wanted to do and this was how I wanted to make women feel, I wanted to care for, reassure and assist pregnant women and their families, not only physically through labour and birth but mentally through pregnancy and post-natal aftercare. I love the fact that every day will be different supporting new families, facing new challenges and bringing new life into our world.

I believe that once I have obtained my degree I will make a fantastic midwife as I already have key qualities I think are essential for this particular role. I am naturally of a kind caring yet bubbly nature and have the ability to become objective in certain situations which I believe is vital for the role of a midwife. I am a people person and am able to communicate with everyone at ease adapting to the person I am dealing with. In the last 12 months I have been studying a access to HE diploma from home to enable me to still be able to care for my new-born daughter, I have also been on various work experience placements – (I will enter relevant work experience once I have completed them)….

In my personal free time I a massive child at heart I love nothing more that taking my children out to theme parks, museums, parks and anywhere I can let out my inner child. I am a massive family women and regularly organise family get to togethers weather it be at home or out and about. I know that now is the right time for me to grab this career with both hands and run with it. I now have a massive support network around me whereas before I was a single mom taking care of my son and working part time. I have since then gone on to meeting a new partner and having another child who will be coming 2 by the time I start my degree. I feel now my family life is complete, however now is time for me to achieve everything I have set out for myself personally.

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