I’ve always desired a career like my father who worked for years Essay

I’ve always desired a career like my father, who worked for years to create his own business. Since I could remember, I witnessed the entire process of how he became established. I will never forget the feeling of wanting to know how numbers became my dolls when he introduced his business empire to me. As I grew older, he showed me more on business concept and models, and sometimes he would take me to his business dinners. Because of my father’s strong influence, I cultivated my business intuition at an early age, found the business fascinating and developed my knee interest in it.

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I’ve always desired a career like my father who worked for years Essay
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In 2016, I entered Southwest University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL) to learn International Economics and Trade. With its competitive environment and academic elitism, SWUPL helped me lay a solid career foundation and develop a more mature character. In class, I acquired knowledge from courses like xx, xx, xx, xx, and so forth. During three years’ study, I’ve mastered the fundamental theories and methods of Marxist economics; Understood the economic development and trade policies of major countries and regions; Got to know the theories and methods of both western and international economics; And is able to use measurement, statistics as well as accounting methods for analysis and research.

Born in a business family, I especially know that a great practitioner in business does not only equip himself with business intuition, rich theoretical knowledge, and maintain the commitment to work towards success. He also has to hold innovativeness, interpersonal skills and ability to inspire others to follow. Therefore, I actively participated in rich extracurricular activities both on and off-campus. As the Captain of School Etiquette Team, I provided regular training for team members; organized campus etiquette activities, and so on. As the person in charge of organizational work of the Student Union, I assisted in holding meetings, organizing Youth League School activities, carrying out the routine inspection, etc. Through these activities, I practised my leadership and improved interpersonal communication.

I accumulated essential practical experience by going on a field trip to HuaAn Securities Co. Ltd (Chongqing Branch). In HuaAn Securities, I got to know the necessary knowledge and work of the securities industry and familiarized with the scope of business of HuaAn. In my spare time, I followed security analysts and learned from them. Through the study of various industries and companies, I preliminarily learned how to provide research and valuation reports, judge the market trends and makes buy, sell, and hold recommendations. Through the intern, I applied the theoretical knowledge I had acquired on campus and also learned new things. My experienced in HuaAn provided me with a tip of the iceberg of economy, which strengthened my determination on a further study on economics.[?OFDI????????????????????????????/????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????]

With the rapid growth of globalization, the economic relations of countries have developed from the past import-export trade relations to various forms of industrial relations. There is not a nation that can deal with challenges of the 21st century on its own, nor effectively advance its economy in isolation. On December 2011, China achieved its ultimate attainment of WTO membership. In the past decades, China’s economy has maintained a medium-high growth rate. With the gross domestic product rising from 54 trillion to 80 trillion yuan, China has maintained its position as the world’s second-largest economy and contributed more than 30 per cent of global economic growth. As a student majoring in international economics and trade, I, while being proud of the encouraging development of my country, feel eager to be involved.

The United Kingdom is the birthplace of many business empires. Its capital, London, is an essential financial centre in Europe and even the world. Under the influence of the strong commercial atmosphere, business education in British universities has its characteristics, forming a unique education model that emphasizes practice, market and keeping up with the trend. So I choose to pursue my postgraduate study in reputed XXX to major in International Business. After completing my program, I plan to work in a Global Enterprises in its financial sector for approximate two or three years, and then I may choose to embark on an MBA program because I need to acquire the most updated knowledge and enrich my professional expertise.

If needed, I will take over my father’s business and transform it into an international business establishment. Ultimately, I may have a commercial empire. Who knows?

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