Human ecology Essay

As it is evident that the earth is in the verge of being overwhelmed by pollution and destruction and the only way to alleviate this is for humanity to “go green” or be more earth friendly. If I were given the money to do so, I would practice “go green” living. For starters, the car I would purchase would be a Honda Civic Hybrid. Hybrid cars are the alternative to cars that consume fossil fuels – main contributors to global warming and pollution.

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Human ecology Essay
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With the Honda Civic Hybrid, one does not have to give up style and luxury in order to give way to be more earth-friendly as the fuel it uses is hybrid or a combination of natural gas, gasoline electric hybrid and natural gasoline. On the other hand, I want to build a house in a dune as this does not need cooling, hence, there would be no need for air conditioning. It should also be facing south, towards the sun in order to utilize the sun and its heat.

The house must also have a cistern that will capture rainwater which will be used for flushing toilets and watering the lawns.

Furthermore, it must be built with pine or from wood coming from sustainable forests – trees that grow quick. Since the house is facing south and utilizing the sun’s heat, it is good to add solar panels on a recycled rubber roof to provide heating through coils in the floor. The sun’s solar power can also be used to power the appliances inside. It is still possible to splurge on appliances; although in order to save electricity, the appliances inside the house must be energy efficient especially the air conditioner, water heater, furnace and refrigerator. For entertainment, cable television will do and a CD player for some music.

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