Human dilemmas have impacted the way individuals desire to attain power Host Essay

Human dilemmas have impacted the way individuals desire to attain power. Host: Hello and welcome back to 1606 daily podcast. Today we have chosen two nobel guest speakers. Your royalty, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. We will discuss how Human dilemmas have impacted the way individuals desire to attain power. I have invited the duo to share the recent events surrounding their sudden ascent to the throne of Scotland. I will be asking them questions about their the impact of ambition, how they handle the power and the rumours about supernatural events that occured.

I will also ask them about their obstacles and dilemmas they found along the way.Macbeth: Thank you for having me, you might have known me as…The thane of Cawdor or now recently, The King of Scotland. Lady Macbeth: And I’m Lady Macbeth, but call me Queen Macbeth. Bring me a tiara.Host: Queen Macbeth, interesting. I think we have one on set. Lady Macbeth: Why thank you.

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Human dilemmas have impacted the way individuals desire to attain power Host Essay
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Host: How did you rise to power? And were you conflicted at all in your decision making?Macbeth: Yes indeed I was! I didn’t want to kill Duncan. I’ll admit, I was being a chicken! I said to Queen Macbeth, Prithee, peace: / I dare do all that may become a man; / Who dares do more is none.(Act 1, Scene 7) My tone reveals the hesitation, and the repetition of man….is showing that I really wanted to treated like one and that I wanted to be respected like a man! It just didn’t feel right to take Duncan’s life.Host: By the sounds of this you really didn’t want murder Duncan. What made you finally decide to kill him?Macbeth: When Queen Macbeth said to me, But screw your courage to the sticking- place, / And we’ll not fail. / When Duncan is asleep —. (Act 1, Scene 7) Lady Macbeth’s ambitious tone was showing me that she knew that I could do it and that everything would be ok. Host: Wow, the words she chose to use are very different and work well. Macbeth: Her constant support and peer pressure finally got me to agree to execute Duncan. It was a very hard decision but I knew that the outcome would be positive. Lady Macbeth: My amazing support made him into the person he is today. If it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t be king. My darling Macbeth was inspired by me to kill him!Host: Well Macbeth, weren’t you torn on the decision to whether to commit such a crime?Macbeth: Yes I didn’t know if it was a good idea to kill him but then my spidey senses aka the witches, told me to. Is this a dagger which I see before me, / The handle toward my hand?/ Come, let me clutch thee. (Act 2, Scene 1) When I saw the dagger I used a rhetorical question. I didn’t purposely do this, I thought Lady Macbeth was in the room with me!Host: Hmmm fascinating. Do you feel guilty about killing him?Macbeth: No not, I think that it was meant to be.Lady Macbeth: Uhh this is so boring! I’m leaving. I have better things to do, such as admiring my natural beauty. Host: Goodbye Queen Macbeth, thank you for joining us!Lady Macbeth: My attendance will be missed. Host: So Macbeth, did you kill King Duncan for your desire for power and to position yourself higher on the Great Chain of Being?Macbeth: I decided to kill King Duncan so Queen Macbeth and my positioning on the Great Chain of Being would rise. I was very passionate about being the King of Scotland and I worked very hard to become this high up!Host: Your ambition to gain power and make your way up the hierarchy is noted.Macbeth: Thank you. Host: But you didn’t stop after your first victim did you? After you killed your second victim Banquo, how did you feel?Macbeth: I was very proud of myself. I felt like I had just changed my life so dramatically. I went from being nobody to being the King of Scotland!Host: Wow! Is murder the resolution to everything?Macbeth: Yes! For me it is!Host: Now Macbeth, as in the stage directions, Enter the ghost of Banquo, and sits in Macbeth’s place were you scared when the ghost of Banquo showed up to your dinner party after you’d killed him?Macbeth: Yes! I was terrified! When I saw him, panic immediately shot through my body. I thought someone sitting at the table had put him there, the idea of the supernatural got to me. Which of you have done this? I asked, but everyone around thought I was crazy. I think the ghost of Banquo was haunting me because of my deeds and actions in murdering Duncan and Banquo.Host: It would’ve been a pretty traumatising experience!Macbeth: I couldn’t sleep that night. I was scared that Duncan was going to haunt me too! Host: Were there any signs of Duncan that night?Macbeth: No, there wasn’t, thank god. Host: The witches foreshadowed your future in becoming king FIND QUOTE Are you afraid about what may happen in the future?Macbeth: No, I’m very optimistic about the future! Host: Wow that’s amazing, I hope it’s not your hamartia of your desire for power! Host: Thank you very much Macbeth and thank you to Queen Macbeth for joining us today and happily answering our questions! I hope you have a great time as the King of Scotland!Macbeth: Thank you for having us!

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