Human Augmentation: A Benefit of Science or Unnecessary Meddling in Nature Essay

I will define the merits of human augmentation regarding both cybernetic/bionics and genetic engineering and refute them. Such conspectus is still only theory however, advancements in these fields have been constantan over the last few decades. To assume that they are not an inheriting is designing the inevitable. From the risks of genetic engineering to the idea that it will only make greater class divisions with the prohibitive cost of cybernetics and bionics. Shall some have to be augmented for certain job fields closing them to a larger and larger percentage of the population?For Cybernetics and Bionics A lot of problems with humans could be solved with the use of augmentation.

People who lost limbs or have or lost sight. In regards to senses it could become far superior to the one’s people already have. Prosthetic limbs have been improving from the 1800’s to today with them being more and more like bionic augmentation. Brain interfaces are already being tested with the goal to give feeling in these limbs for better control.

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Human Augmentation: A Benefit of Science or Unnecessary Meddling in Nature Essay
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The use of interfaces with computers are limited by hands and eyes. So reading speed and typing speed are a factor. Things like reading fatigue eye strain and carpel tunnel.In the book the (Man with the Bionic Brain and other Victories over Paralysis) a man named Matt can use a courser, read email. If someone could do this then a lot of these constraints of work. The amount of work and information could be found out. Also, mathematical abilities could be improved with these do advance calculation the fly. This kind of connection could be used to run machines that required hands too use. In a faster way than a person could do using manual control. For genetic engineering in humans The use of genetic engineering to make humans immune to some diseases and live longer heather lives has been talk about for a long time in fiction. Viruses and Cancers to create people that in some ways better than is average person. Heavily talked about in (Enhancing Evolution: The Ethical Case for Making Better People)capable by normal means such as exercise and learning. This is becoming more and more possible thanks to advancements in the fields of gene therapy CRIPSER. Gene therapy that can be used on people after they are born vs CRIPSER that must be done before conception of said individual. Honestly things that might never be possibly in nature. Things for looks to physical performance can be far past the normal limit a study with mice showed that a certain gene PEPCK-C allowed them to last twice as long running as normal ones. Also, other things like hair, eye, and skin color could be changed to unnatural colors.) It could be possible that some of these could be unrealistic or not available in the normal genome. Things like intelligence and senses could also be adjusted as well. In case of the sprinter gene were passed down to the mice’s offspring’s. So, one could look at giving there children these advantages would be an investment in a family line in the future. The idea of giving children better or healthier lives is a driving force for many people. Going on to college, vacations, and better food and housing. This is just another way that allows them to do so. All covered in( Transhumanist Dreams and Dystopian Nightmares: Promise and Peril of Genetic Engineering) Against Certain medications are have adverse effects on people and cause sometimes serious problems. Often go unseen for years and with a lot of problems can be damaging. This in mind gene altering is a permeant problem that cannot be changed back. We cover earlier in the mice study that certain gene alterations are passed on to off spring. So if a defect happen it can be passed on if the gene is dominate than it could be a problem that in time could have a huge impact on a population not just an area but the worlds population. Also people are into trends i.e. cars, fashion, and fads. The new designer baby could cause blue have is all the rage this year. The idea of bottle neck in genetics is a narrowing in a population. A balance of number not in look but, in immune system and physical and mental abilities cutting things out that are not even known. If this is put into the germ line or the code of DNA passed on from one generation to the next, we could wipe or damage the whole world. Not only that but what if we start editing people to be more obedient or submissive making people who will just expect anything without question. How many leaders in history would love nothing more than that? The idea of class separation by abilities making people like machines. Cutting the freedoms of how people choice their lives. If these improvements become to great displace and hard work might not be enough to overcome the modified advantages. Limiting factors, I can see it now when applying for school, job or activities. You can’t be a teacher because you have physical abilities, so you should look at physical labor or maybe military combat services. I’m

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