Human Activity Monitor

Deliverables and assessment 1. Written report (20 marks). A description of your design and the software’s operation are to be presented in a report (one report for each team) that is laid-out as follows: a. An introduction of the problem b. The methodology (signal analysis techniques) that will be used to detect different motions c. A description of the algorithm (flow chart) d. A detailed description of your analysis software (computer code)
e. Results of validation experiments f. Conclusion including suggestions on how to improve the detection algorithm This report is to be completed and submitted to your designated facilitator before 5:00 pm on Friday of the week after completion of the project. After it is assessed, you report will be returned to you along with comments and feedback on your effort. 2. Test (10 marks) – Duration: 1 hour. To be undertaken during the second part of the last session for the project. The test is a closed-book session and is to be attempted by each student individually (no team work allowed) – examination conditions will apply

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