How to Title a Persuasive Essay

Coming up with a title for an essay can be a mind-boggling process. Specifically, when creating a title meant for an essay to be submitted to a professor or just for publishing purposes. Nerve-wracking, right? A title can draw or completely knock off the attention of your reader.

 Therefore, the whole purpose of coming up with a good title is to capture the attention of your reader. When titling your persuasive essay, ensure it intrigues your reader. This article aims at providing guides and tips on how to title a persuasive essay.

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How to Title a Persuasive Essay
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Qualities of A Good Essay Title

Before writing a title for your essay, let us first understand some of the characteristics of a good title. Below are some of the qualities of good essay titles:


It should attract the reader to your content. It should bring a “Wow, this content seems interesting,” kind of feeling and not a “Well, this will be boring.” Keep your reader excited and engaged from the word go.


The title should not be too exaggerated. The title could be very attractive, but unrealistic. Ensure it is realistic.

Easy to read

It should be simple to understand and read. Avoid using sophisticated or complicated words. This could drift the attention of your reader.

Active voice

If there are verbs in your title, ensure they are active rather than passive. For example, “Cats drink milk” is active, but “Milk is drunk by cats” is passive.


Make sure it is short. Long headlines can be confusing and may end up not relaying the ideas in the essay.


Ensure it gives a clear idea to your readers, on what they are going to read in an essay. Do not mislead your readers, as this will lower the quality of the essay.

What are the Components of an Essay Title?

persuasive essay

A persuasive essay has its outline formula that one can use to write a title. Below are the main components of your essay’s title.

A catchy hook

  • Creatively introduces the essay.

Topic keywords

  • Identifies the ideas you will be tackling. This is the “what” of your essay.

Focus keywords

  • These are the “where/when” of your essay.

How to come up with a persuasive essay title


Now that you have understood the importance of essay titles and the qualities they should have, it is time to learn how to create them. The steps described below will provide you with the insights needed to craft creative persuasive essay titles: –

Write your essay first, then the title last

Writing your paper first will provide you with a clear idea of what to include in your title. It also saves on time.

Use your thesis

A good persuasive essay title provides your reader with reasons to keep reading your paper. The best place to find these reasons is by summing up your thesis statement. Make sure a part of it is in your title.

Use common phrases and platitudes you can re-work

Popular catchphrases that apply to your persuasive essay make attractive titles too. You could also go for clichés and re-work them and then adapt them to the topic of your essay.

Determine the tone of your essay

The tone of your essay determines the creation of a good title. If it is a serious topic, do not be humorous or silly with the title. Avoid using abbreviations and jargon as well. An example of a persuasive tone could be: – “Why social skills are must-have skills for every person.”

Use quote or central idea

Your headline can feature a quote or a part of it about the specific essay topic you are writing about. A song lyric can serve the same purpose only if applicable or appropriate.

Sum up your essay in three words

It is a helpful way to create a good title for your persuasive essay. Sum up your essay or even your thesis statement in three words. Use them to build your title.

You can also check on how to title an argumentative essay. But the tips mentioned above can also be useful.

Examples of captivating essay titles

The objective of a good persuasive essay title is to hook the attention of your reader. Aim at persuading your reader. Find a creative hook, acquire the appropriate words to describe your idea, and think about a statement that sums up your paper.

Here are some examples of how to title an essay:

Examples of argumentative essay titles

An argumentative essay is a genre of writing that uses evidence and facts to support the claim it is making to readers. Some of the title examples would include:

  1. Society has the duty of fighting bulimia                    
  2. Should every country activate the death sentence?
  3. What is the most appropriate age to vote?
  4. German is the easiest language to learn
  5. Do supplements help in improving the nutritional status of an individual?
  6. The most industrialized nations in the world
  7. Do cigarettes destroy the lungs?
  8. Early childhood marriages should be illegalized
  9. Meth should be part of medical treatment

Examples of persuasive essay titles

A persuasive essay is an essay that tries to convince the reader of the writer’s opinion. It uses logic and sentiments to sway the thoughts of a reader. Some examples of persuasive essay topics would include:

  1. Dogs are worse pets than cats
  2. Buddhism is the most adequate religion
  3. Tiktok: its influence on digital marketing
  4. Fruits are more nutritious than vegetables
  5. Never judge an employee by their piercings
  6. Same-sex relationships should be legalized
  7. Corporal punishment should be banned

In summary, how to title a persuasive essay can be challenging. Learners struggle to find a perfect headline on a day-to-day basis. But with a few easy tips and tricks from this post, you can wave goodbye to the frustrations. Moreover, avoid time wastage and create an attractive and edifying title to intrigue your readers.





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