How To Build A Personal Brand Essay

Anyone who runs a business carries a brand; anyone that has presence online includes a brand. You may not even be aware of it; but whether you wish it, you could have brand. The secret is to cash in your personal branding and make it work for you.

In laymen’s terms, a brand could be the image you project. It’s the impression someone gets from you, or better yet it is the impression you give off. Basically, it’s your personal inventory of promises and expectations.

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How To Build A Personal Brand Essay
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When someone comes in touch with you, they immediately, maybe even subconsciously, form a whole list of expectations and prejudices about you. Whether they are right or wrong, they have formed a list of beliefs about you, and you have not even had to utter a single word.

That is your personal brand. For example, consider a sales man. What is the image that you think? I am guessing that it can be of someone who’s well dressed, somewhat aggressive and maybe someone who talks fast.

You also probably even imagine that this salesman is selling something.

This is a brand. Without knowing anything else, you could have formed an opinion, and prejudged. This is why personal branding strategy is crucial or if not used wisely, disadvantageous.

A Brand Is Not Just a Product. When you say the word brand, most people think of a product; for example, they might imagine of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. Well as we discussed earlier, a brand can also be a person.

Take an athlete for instance. Why do you think that a star athlete is paid millions of dollars in endorsements? It’s because he has successfully created a personal brand. He can sell you shoes, clothes, cars, and even deodorants.

And why do you think this is? It is because he represents success, power, and fortune. His personal brand contains a promise. Promise that if you dress like him, drive similar car and use the exact deodorant, you can experience the same success.

What is Your Personal Brand? If you haven’t much considered your personal branding, it is probably time to get it. Because personal branding takes place on the subconscious level, all you contact is forming a prejudice about you.

As an example, in case you run into someone who is dressed slovenly with holes and rips of their clothing, you could assume, correctly or incorrectly, that this person is poor, or even lazy. Are you starting to grasp why not controlling your own personal brand is harmful?

Okay, so now let’s translate everything we know about brands to the internet. Every picture you have ever posted, or article you have written is contributing to your personal branding. The internet is an extremely powerful branding tool.

Have you ever tried to Google yourself? The search engine will give several results. This is quite an enlightening experience. One of the best way to target your value is by branding. This will also clarify and improve your value. So you see, the more you know about your brand, the better it will be to change it.

Personal Branding: Taking Control over Your Brand

Whether you are developing your personal branding for the first time, our image is the key to our success personally. You must discover ways to identify your personal brand, how to show it, and the way to control it. Have you seen some brands, movies, and popular people which are directly connected to you?

There are features your brand must possess in order to attract audience. These are quality, creativity, guarantee, and assurance. Your brand will reflect directly to your personality. The nice brand you have, the good person you can be recognized.

Why is controlling your brand so important? Because everyone you come in contact with has having access to your brand; your future employer, future wife, or customer. All they need to do is type your name right into a search engine, and proof you are branded.

You personal branding is not only about setting up good image. An image that doesn’t replicate your personality will always be transparent and genuine. Making a potent personal brand must be necessary. If you want to be recognized, social media can be the best way to build your name.

Social media tools are of great help in personal branding and marketing strategies. These are tools on the internet that can be use in promoting your brand. You can create a bridge with your contacts through conversation. Social websites, business networks, blog sites, and photo sharing sites are just some of them which you can advertise your personal brand. Social media networks have become popular to us; chatting with your friends, sharing information of daily our lives and posting updated news about our present world.

Beginning to see the picture? If you try to present an expert image, you may want to start making a few changes. For instance, if in case you have questionable posts or pics with a social networking site, take them out, or make the site private.

So if what you are portraying online does not match up with what you want it to be, get busy. Consider having both a private and public account. This way you can control your personal brand on the public account, and let loose on your private account.

Another word of warning; the internet sometimes tempts us to over share. We want to share everything, all our secrets and all of our dirty laundry. Try not to get sucked in, and remember that every post can brand us.

Of course, you are still trying to project a positive and professional image, so go ahead and post. Just be smart about it. Submit intelligent, insightful or witty articles. Write about good things that you have done or have had done for you. You can even be creative. In the end, make your brand work for you. Once you learn to control, you will be able to turn it into a positive, and then good things will begin to happen.

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