How OB factors contribute to real-life organizational success or failure

  1. Choose a real case of an organization successfully (or less than successfully) dealing with a problem or a failure that has damaged the organization in some way. Describe briefly what happened, the context, and the consequences of the success or failure for the organization’s stakeholders. Note you should not select an organization which is simply considered successful; the organisation must have faced a problem or failure.
  2. Analyse the organisational behaviour factors that contributed to the problem / failure. These may be individual, group or organisational level factors. Your analysis should include a relevant analytical framework (e.g. SWOT, PESTEL or stakeholder analysis).
  3. Describe what the organisation did to achieve success or post-failure to address the problem and or prevent a reoccurrence of the problem. Evaluate the effectiveness of the organisation’s action or response to the failure, and make recommendations for what could have been done better and/or moving forward. In making these recommendations, be pragmatic and specific (i.e. make recommendations that are viable and within the organisation’s capacity to implement).
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