How long is a short essay

One may be asking how long is a short essay? since they may not have a specific set minimum limit. A short essay contains around  500 words and one to two pages. The word short, compact, terse, and condensed may simply have different meanings depending on what you intend to write.

A short essay is not a wide paper, it should be brief and to the point not losing its quality. One needs to lay all the concepts in a compact space. That is, it should be able to capture the reader’s attention. Short essays cover enticing topics. Your essay should act in response to an argument or a query. You can even present your individual opinion or view

How long should it be?

Generally, a short essay should at least have an introductory part, a body, and a conclusion.  Ensure it has a piece of good background information, an essential point, and a summary with a conclusion. It should have 3-5 paragraphs, explicitly developing the idea(s) in question.

It should have at least 500 words and the quality of the content be on point. When writing a short essay, both starting and ending paragraphs have almost related paragraphs.

The topic of discussion in short essays should be appealing to get the attention of the reader. It can be categorized as below:

  • A 3-paragraph short essay
  • A 5-paragraph short essay

A 3- paragraph short essay, has 3 main areas i.e., an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction paragraph states the main concepts of an article. While the body that is, the second paragraph states or gives the support, and finally, the last paragraph gives a synopsis of the key points.

A 5-paragraph short essay lets you maintain your essay short while following the essay structure standards i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion.

An introduction has a short paragraph that emphasizes the objective of the article. The body explains the support of your dissertation. A conclusion paragraph reaffirms your main concepts as well as how you backed the topic of debate in the body using separate terms.

Guidelines for writing an outstanding short essayHow long is a short essay 1

Since you are limited in the number of words to use, it is, therefore, important to focus on delivering the points as early as you are introducing them.

To write an outstanding short essay, it is, therefore, important to focus on the following steps:

  1. Do thorough research

 You need to understand your topic of discussion and get all the possible relevant sources to gather ideas and from which you will base your arguments.

 Short essays are defined by the length of ideas presented as well as their depth. It is, therefore, necessary to do detailed research to ensure you grasp all the possible relevant facts on the topic of discussion hence avoiding meaningless points.

  1. Brainstorm the information gathered from your research.

Take your time to think about how to narrow down the ideas gathered and remember to stay engrossed and specific on the topic of discussion. At this stage, it is good to narrow down and have a clear idea of what to jot down.

  1. Outline/plan your ideas.

How many paragraphs is a short essay? This will be tackled in this step. Since you have already narrowed down the ideas to present, it is good to write down all the arguments and counter-arguments.

 Bearing in mind how long a short essay is supposed to be, come up with a plan for presenting the ideas.  Decide on how many paragraphs will be presented and what each subsection will discuss.

  1. Put down your points in writing.

You already have a good outline and resources from your research, it is time to put all these in writing. Stick to the intention of writing, be brief and maintain the quality/relevance of the topic in question while maintaining the tone of the question.

  1. Edit/proofread your essay.

This is the last step of writing a short essay(s), and a very crucial step. Go through what you have already written, and ensure it sounds nice and appealing to the reader such that nothing has been left out indistinct.

Make sure all the outlined ideas have been explicitly expressed and remember to use Grammarly to check syntax errors.

How to answer short essay questions

When handling a short essay question(s), one may be wondering how long is a short essay response?. It is a short and sweet but complete answer that has the capability of answering both complex and easy questions. It should range between 150-250 words and must be a dense well-thought answer.

Now that you have known how long a short essay answer should be, it is good to note that a one-paragraph answer is most appropriate since if it is not brief and engaging then it loses meaning. Your facts ought to be well expressed/articulated. Also, ensure that:

  • you avoid repeating questions while writing down the answer
  • Maintain the same tone throughout your response, making it easier for a reader to grasp every concept
  • If handling a personal life question it is good to reveal the reality of your own life experiences. It sounds more original than imagining
  • Despite having a length limit in a short essay answer, write as much as you can then go back and eliminate any meaningless information when proofreading your answer

In  Summary

The length / how long a short essay will be determined wholly by how you structure and write it. Always the depth and the length of concepts presented define it. In a short-length or limited words essay, the concepts are projected precisely as the article length is restricted.

Your facts must be very clear from the start while capturing /enticing the reader. Short essays cover appealing subjects.

Avoid picking a very broad topic always narrow it down so you can be able to cover all the points well. Ensure you stick to the set limit of words.

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