How Coca Cola is practicing corporate social responsibility?CocaCola serves more than 200 Essay

1. How Coca Cola is practicing corporate social responsibility?Coca-Cola serves more than 200 countries around the world, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is at the core of work in each. CSR is part of Coca-Cola commitment to establish sustainable communities (, 2018). Coca-Cola give of at least 1% of the company’s operating income per year for various programs. In 2014 Coca-Cola gave back $126 million, or 1.3% of operating income (, 2018). Coca-Cola has established a corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy with the concept of Live Positively “, which includes seven key areas (Rong, 2018) : Beverage benefits Energy and climate Active healthy living, Sustainable packaging The community Water stewardship The workplaceCoca-Cola is implementing further initiatives to enhance its reputation.

For example, after the environmental conflict in India, Coca-Cola became a member of the Chief Executive Officer for Water Affairs and collaborated with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on water issues related to the company’s actions and control (Rong, 2018).Coca-Cola has provided medical examinations, medicines and education to rural communities on health-related topics.

Polio eradication camps were also funded. In a few areas, coca cola camps were conducted for Hepatitis B vaccines, eye examinations and malaria eradication (Rong, 2018).Coca-Cola played an active role in economic responsibilities, through providing employment and giving the community opportunities to expand and grow. Moreover, In 2007 Coca-Cola launched an initiative called Parivartan (Change) for training small retailers in India (Raghuvanshi, 2014). A commitment to the community was part of Coca-Cola India’s CSR. Coca-Cola initiative aimed to curb waterborne diseases. Moreover, Coca-Cola set up around 2,000 schools for children (Raghuvanshi, 2014).2. Explain Coca Cola conflict with reference to the above case. In 2003, the Indian NGO Center for Science and Environment came with a report published many campaigns and demonstrations. In the report through dozens of samples that have been sold in India they have proven evidence of the existence of pesticides present in the product to a level beyond the European standard. In the report there were three allegations made by the NGO against Coca-Cola. With the allegations NGO argue that Coca-Cola is not practicing CSR. This allegations are: The product contained unacceptable levels of pesticides in their product. The company extract large amount of groundwater. The company has polluted the sources.. The report gained a lot of media and public interest that it had an immediate impact on the company’s revenues. Because Coca-Cola has damaged and severely damaged water and soil in Kerala. In March 2010, the Kerala State Committee recommended that the company’s subsidiary be fined about $ 47 million. Consequences that Coca-Cola has been forced to undergo long legal proceedings have lost in consumer confidence and damage to reputation in both India and abroad. After the EIA, Coca-Cola realized that it could have a positive and negative impact on business. After the Indian NGO released the report that Coca-Cola drinks contain pesticides, the company’s share dropped by 30-40% and ended up representing a growth path of 75% over the previous five years. With the problems that Coca-Cola result because of the conflict. Coca Cola is not economically or legally stabile therefore, Coca-Cola can’t practice CSR. 3. What kind of social initiatives Coca Cola can take to improve the overall social presence?There are many benefits Coca-Cola will gain through promoting their brand on social networks. Social presence can help Coca-Cola to improve customer service, let Coca-Cola connect with customers and expectations on a new level. Moreover, Coca-Cola can attract their audience and reach new audiences through social media. In short, a strong social media strategy can drive Coca-Cola business growth by promoting lasting and sincere relationships with customers and expectations (, 2018).Coca-Cola can improve the overall social presence through using different social media channels such as: ¶ Facebook:Coca-Cola attracted more than 63 million fans on its Facebook page. Coca Cola should build unique Facebook pages for sharing their important programs of CSR. In a transparent manner, Cola-Cola must maintain its true truth without any manipulate. Online consumers are intelligent and communicative is vital to reputation management (Hall, 2018).¶ Instagram:Coca-Cola have more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram. The growth of the Coca Cola account on Instagram to a successful level will take a little longer and requires some work. With few steps Coca-Cola can improve it presence on Instagram. First step, Coca Cola can attract as much audience attention as possible in photos and annotations. The audience wants to feel like part of the Coca-Cola story. Second step, Coca-Cola should take step and become active in the Instagram community. Third step, Coca Cola must be picky with its content, Coca Cola should avoid just posting anything to their Instagram account – having a consistent, visual approach in mind is key to optimal success.¶ Snapchat: Coca-Cola should share its endeavors and charitable initiatives on issues, especially in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Coca Cola have to effectively Capitalizing on Real-Time Topics and Trends. Coca Cola can find themselves riding a wave of social good will that results in boosted awareness, engagement, and even increased sales (Netzer, 2017).

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