How church is good for the world Church in England Essay

How church is good for the world. Church in England, Clitheroe, Lancashire

A community church in Clitheroe based in Lancashire has set out a great event for families to attend. They’re inviting families to join them for pancakes, fun and games to raise funds to support the Solomon project which provides schools in Kenya with meals. The Solomon Project works with some of Kenya’s poorest children. It works in partnership with Mary’s Meals, providing meals to chronically hungry children in their local school.

By using local produce and community volunteers they are able to feed one child in school for a whole year for just 17 pounds. The children then have an incentive to attend school and, through education, gain a better future for themselves and their communities. Britain are trying to strengthen their relationship between themselves and Kenyan schools. They giving a helping hand to help support those in need and to gain a greater relationship amongst one another.

Church’s in England are ‘sponsors’ to the development of schools in Kenya due to the protests that happened during 2016 with Fees Must Fall. Students burnt their campuses and dormitories down. England church’s helped by sponsoring and funding Kenya to build schools and campuses for the students.


Not only does this help students in Kenya but it helps the families and helps the world understand the importance of helping others. There is a ripple effect with helping people. If you give, you’ll get back one way or another. God will bless you by giving. You don’t need to be the richest to give to others and help out.

God loves those who give, god is a giver. He is a giver of life, a giver of love and compassion and a giver of a beautiful world. Think about what you are. Are you a giver or a taker. Give to those who have nothing to give, help them rather then helping yourself for a change and that is what the church’s are doing, helping people in need Is something that people should aim for, many people take for granted of what they have – the amazing schools we attend and our loving family who helps with so much. It is time we start to think of giving back and helping those who aren’t as privileged as us. They are having a fun day for families but what they get out of it are smiles and joy spent with the families. They give all the money to the Solomon project and what the church gets out of it are big smiles from the children and the families in Kenya. We must always help our neighbour in need, to love everyone around you and start to give back to the communities in need.

The Clitheroe community church is Gods home. The priest of the community church said that by doing what they do and helping those that are in need, brings GOD closer to them and binds their relationship together creating a stronger and more unified church. The families who attended the pancake day donated a huge amount of money towards the funds. Together a group of the families donates 16000 pounds. The Solomon project where very appreciative towards the gesture of the


families. By donating 16000 pounds this could feed over 940 children for a year. With that 16000 pounds being donated and over 30000 pounds raised from the pancake day they made a huge impact of the project and their plans. Auctions went on at the pancake day making most of he money provided. The families in Britain showed a massive gratification towards the children in Kenya.

The generosity of the people shows that the world is still filled with amazing people with blessed hearts and great spirits. These people are the people of God. God blesses them and he will make sure they get back something in return whether it’s love or just being blessed. Giving to people makes you feel great, you feel blessed and free. It releases your soul and allows God to enter your life and God will bless you forever and help you where ever life takes you. we should all start to realise the role we play in this world and its not one of a selfish type. As a Marist man we should all try give back to those people in need as we are very blessed and privileged we our amazing school and our wonderful/loving families who sacrifice so much for us to be where we are today, even if it is by a small gesture, it may seem small to you but could change the life of a person forever.

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