Houston Police Internship Essay

1. While at my hpd internship I was asked to do multiple task such as deliver mail, send out packages, organize and file documents according to date and time, conduct background check, record information, conduct surveillance handling evidence, helping organize various events, file case files, fax subpoenas, and seizures My internship Daily duties mostly consisted of helping the agents and working in the mail room. I learned how to handle different responsibilities such as delivering mail and sending out packages. In the mail room I also learned how to file open cases and how they disposes of closed case files from previous years that are no longer needed.

Also I helped reorganized the current files to make space for upcoming future case files. Sometimes my duties were to conduct background checks.

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Houston Police Internship Essay
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I was given the task to locate the most recent information on subjects to whom which agents are doing research on. There was certain type of information that the agents wanted me to record so that it would help them further there investigation.

At times I would help agents put subpoenas together for certain cases. They would then enter the subpoenas into the computer so that they could be on file. Once the information was entered into the computer I then proceeded to fax each separate subpoena to its destination. Faxing the subpoena is just the same as if the officer was serving it personally. Once faxed and confirmed the subpoena then becomes official. Once I was done faxing the subpoenas I then had to confirm the date and time and record it so that it can become on file for future reference.

2. While at my intern I was asked to do multiple task such as deliver mail, organize and file documents according to date and time, conduct background checks and record information, conduct surveillance and note any suspicious activity. These are task I did on a daily bases.

3. All tasks I was asked to do I completed because my intern was from 9:00am-5:30pm which gave me plenty of time to finish task and begin new ones. Each day I arrived to work I would wait for which ever group I would be working in that particular day to assign me a task. Usually it would be something simple that wouldn’t take much time. I would be done with most tasks by lunch time.

4. I feel I left my intern with an extremely good reputation. I know that it will help me when I begin to apply for multiple agencies. Everybody within hpd was very appreciative of the help I provide and noted that if I needed any referrals in the future to contact them.

5. The one network source I developed at hpd whom was from my hometown. Prior to hpd he was a police officer (Birmingham, AL) and referred me to people whom he thought could help me get started on becoming a police officer. He said it was a great start for him and if I really wanted to start there he would use all his connections to get me a job so that I could begin gaining experience.

6. I learned a lot of things from having my Internship. I learned that it’s a great career to have but in order to be successful you have to put in a lot of time and dedication. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to the hpd Recruiter. He provided me with a lot of great information on how to successfully become a police officer. He informed me on all the possible options I could take in order to reach my goal and gain experience. He mentioned such things such as joining the military, applying at a local police dept., and/or joining border patrol. He even mentioned that I should consider going back to school to obtain my Master’s Degree which would put my ahead of all the other hpd applicants. With the information he provided me I learned that there are many opportunities within the hpd. I feel with my hard work and determination I could reach my goal.

7. Honestly everything I did was educational. Nothing more could have been time to make my time there more educational. I was taught new things on a daily bases and learned things I feel can’t be taught at any college or university. I learned so many thing that most people would not been able to. I worked in an environment that so few are allowed to work in. I had the chance to to attend a meeting that was attended by officials from different agencies and organizations. This meeting was to introduce new procedures such as drug testing and prevention at work and school. Also being introduced at the meeting to the officials were various new drugs that were starting to become popular among kids and adults such as synthetic marijuana and bath salts. I also had the opportunity to attend the Tactical Training Exercise. This training exercise was also very educational. It was held at the Houston Police Dept. Training Headquarters.

These are training exercises that that they go through on a monthly basis. They are showed different techniques on how to enter and clear rooms. Theses training exercises are done to keep the agents current with all the different types of situations they may encounter when entering a home during an operation. Today I had the opportunity to be able to view an operation conducted by local agencies. Once the location was safe and secure agents then were able to conduct their investigation. While the investigation was taking place be federal agents, local law enforcement conducted background checks on all individuals whom were inside the location doing the time of the search warrant. Once the agents finished their investigations and interviews they then loaded all evidence so that it could be processed. All the individuals inside were either release or arrested based on their background check.

9. My intern was a great experience and I cannot recall a day to where I did not want to be there. I was fortunate enough to obtain this internship and hope that I will benefit from in after I graduate. I wish in the near future that more students will have the same opportunity I’ve had so that they can also learn and educate themselves on the potentials of what having a career with the Houston Police Dept.

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