“Honesty is the best policy” is a very famous statement Benjamin Franklin Essay

“Honesty is the best policy” is a very famous statement Benjamin Franklin said. Telling the truth or being able to be trusted is called honesty. According to this proverb, a In answering any question, one should devote himself to it and tell the truth in life Problem. Honesty is like a good weapon in life, which can benefit us. Many advantages (schluter,1993). It can flourish naturally without any cost. Honesty allows us to enjoy peace in our lives. Lies can ruin our lives.

Correlation. Lier may lose all the benefits we can trust in our hearts. Friends, family and other close relatives. The best tool for success in an honest life One celebrity called it the foundation of a successful relationship. A dishonest man. People are always faced with the difficulty of establishing a true and trustworthy friendship with anyone. A generally honest person can build a better relationship. Dishonest People don’t have the courage to tell the truth to their dear ones.

They usually lie. And face a bad situation. On the other hand, telling the truth always strengthens our abilities. Character, make us strong. So honesty has helped us a lot in many ways. Honesty is The most effective tool for protecting relationships (Shakespeare). Lying just to save This situation may make the situation worse than before. Always tell the truth. Help us strengthen our character. It has also brought us confidence. Good and bad. Things always come up in life, but we should always tell our loved ones the truth Because it gives us happiness and happiness. To be a good person in life is The quality of honest people. Honesty is not just about telling the truth. It’s about being there. Be sincere to yourself and others. Honesty gives us courage and allows us to develop. How we present the consistency of the facts. Honesty sharpens Our perception and allows us Get to know everything around us transparently. Cheating or lying is the opposite of honesty. When a man lies, it’s really bad to lie. Deceiving others or himself. When a man lies, he will mislead himself into believing what He’s talking. He began to dig into an imaginary trench that was constantly getting bigger. Time. This man confuses himself, confuses others, loses credibility and puts himself When we lie to ourselves, this is the worst act of lying. Let’s start the clown. Around our moral values. The time when we lied to do sth. Always know it’s wrong, we can feel it. The core of my heart rebelled against me. Mentally promised to do it, but when I look back on it, every time I lie, I try Forgive my own weakness or make up for my mistakes. Trying to chase a An immoral desire will only bring temporary happiness. The lies we lie about are often due to lack of An effort, a positive morality or thought. This depressing thought manifests itself in a variety of ways. We couldn’t detect it at the time. It makes us procrastinate in our quest for us. Dream. Despite all the false promises, there is nowhere to go. We keep it right. In our own orbit or worse, backwards. People don’t respect those who are dishonest. Lying to SB for the first time Next time it’s definitely going to make the other person question us. So Lying won’t do us any good. In the end, however, the truth may be found. Next The truth is that no one will believe us. Then came the serious problem. For example, if I ask Ask my friends questions and get incorrect information. When I knew. In fact, I won’t believe my friend’s story next time. Dishonesty makes people enter. Difficult situation. When the truth comes up, the problem begins to happen. For example Dishonesty in the workplace leads colleagues to dislike working with us. These Dishonest people in life usually run into problems. Honesty and the pursuit of truth Always the way to go. Honesty generates confidence, faith, willpower and represents us. Let others see and witness our role models in the best way possible. Honest to improve our Prosperity. In an honest experiment at two Notre Dame universities, Professors, the results show that telling the truth is good for our health: “By telling the truth, you can improve people’s physical and mental health,” According to the “Honest Science” study. Respect, the act of admiration is always carried out honestly. Honestly and Supporting it with action shows respect for the right thing. Honesty is one of the keys. Any success, responsible persona and one of the most admirable traits Success cannot be quantified in dollars, sales, or quantities Facebook fans. Success in character, self-awareness, honesty, Emotional Intelligence and hard work (rogers,1964). An emotionally sensitive person. A man of impeccable honor and honesty; a man who can recognize quality. Other people’s honesty. People’s Daily transactions and business transactions Relationships must be based on trust and honest code. This or that kind of , You may find yourself in a situation where you need to tell one or two lies to avoid Trouble. Honesty is not easy for some people, and such a person may find They lie almost every day. Honesty is the best policy, because anyway Good at lying, the truth will always appear (field,2001). Honest Penetrating red tape, distraction, frustration and inability to solve. Honest to get you There you want to be faster because your lifestyle is real. A person may not know What he wants in the future-but what your instincts will make you feel Harmony with your Mind (James, 1994). Honest words and actions are designed to succeed. Attention and respect for others. These people become not only the people we want. Affected but affected by it. We keep and surround our company to help us Determine our point of view. Honest speech and action are designed to gain attention and respect Someone else’s. These people become the people we not only have to influence but also to be. Be affected. We retain and surround our own companies to help us define our Philosophy. It took us to a place we couldn’t quite reach ourselves. Efforts. Honesty guides a person to achieve his or her goals. This man has become fearless. Have a clear expression of everything on earth; so he becomes capable. Make the right decisions and give the perfect judgment on everything. It’s very important. In order for us to understand the value of honesty, otherwise the balance of society, the economy will be Lost. One day, we answer our lives in front of God, and only honesty is the way to succeed.

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