Holistic Health Project: What is the Holistic Health project?

Students will develop and implement a holistic health project aimed at a specific client and focused on modifying risk factors for that client. The project looks at the client holistically. In other words, the focus is not just on what medications or medical treatments the person is using, but on all aspects of the person, and how these different aspects affect health. As a nurse, you have a primary role in educating clients that is essential in preventing, promoting, and restoring health. During the semester the student will identify health promotion needs for a specific client and develop a teaching plan that addresses that need. This will be done using the holistic health assessment form. The student will then do health promotion teaching for the identified client. The student’s health education should encourage clients towards self-care, self-empowerment, and ultimately, to be less dependent on the health care system. This teaching should be 30 minutes in length. See grading criteria/ guidelines for the holistic health project teach and paper.
The outline and handout- The outline and handout should be completed before you do your teaching – it is a planning document for your teaching and a handout that you will present to the client. It is due in module 4.

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Holistic Health Project: What is the Holistic Health project?
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