Holden Whitledge Stereotypes 3319 English 101 Section 004 MWF 900953 AM Essay

Holden Whitledge Stereotypes 3/3/19 English 101 Section 004 MWF 9:00-9:53 AM Professor Schmidt The Gamer Stereotype Ever since video games were created, many felt that they were stupid and a waste of time. Some people even go as far to say that they desensitize violence to those who play and link video games to crime. Needless to say, games have gotten a bad reputation over the years. As a result, those who partake in video games become part of this stereotype. Gamers are thought to be antisocial, obese, losers who sit lazily in their basement, eating junk food, and never seeing the light of day.

They think that they have no future goals and only spend their time playing. As a person who plays video games, this is not true. Ever since I was young, I had always been around video games. Growing up, I lived with two of my brothers, Tyler and Trent. Both were into video games, like many at their age.

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Holden Whitledge Stereotypes 3319 English 101 Section 004 MWF 900953 AM Essay
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I would always watch them play and see how much fun it was. Even though I was young, our house was not strict on rules of violent content, so I was able to watch whatever they played, be it gory or scary. I do not believe that this affected me in a negative way at a young age or even to this day. Even though some games may aggravate someone, it does not necessarily mean it makes them violent. A lot of people take their games seriously and when something does not go the way they want it to, they react out of frustration. In a lot of cases, video games can act as a way to let out any aggression that someone may be feeling. Video games act as an outlet for many people to express themselves and have fun, not something that incites violence. As I stated earlier, some people assume that all gamers are wasting their time when playing video games. Though it may sound ridiculous at first, but video games have been proven to have benefits. Many studies have concluded that games have shown to improve cognitive function and problem solving. Games such as Plants Vs. Zombies or Final Fantasy open up opportunities to think of many different ways to complete a task or solve a problem. Studies have also found that playing First-Person Shooter (FPS) games such as Battlefield or Call of Duty require quick reaction time and focus, which in turn can improve these skills in someone. More evidence to why video games are not a waste of time is that someone could make a job out of it if they really hone their craft. In the past, people would laugh at anyone who thought someone could play video games for a job. Now, it is becoming more and more of a possibility for those who are good enough. Pro gaming organizations have been on the rise in the last few years and have become a serious business. Games such as League of Legends, DOTA, and CS: GO have a pro scene, along with many others. This is called eSports. This is where the best players in the world compete against each other in tournaments and championships. These people get paid to play video games! eSports have gotten so popular that pro sports team organizations like the NBA have formed their own gaming organizations. At this rate, video games may even be seen as a sport of its own, which is a whole different argument. This goes to show that video games are not a waste of time and those who play could actually have a chance to do something with it. Though just like any other pro sport, one should not make it their main career choice unless they are capable of putting in the time. Another part of the stereotype is that all gamers just sit lazily in their basement and do not take care of themselves physically. As someone who plays a lot of video games, I find this to be incorrect. Personally, I am a very active person who watches what they eat and exercises regularly. Throughout my life, I have always participated in sports and other activities. During high school, I trained year-round for cross country and track. I needed to stay in shape to perform and improve each season. After doing my exercise, I would always do my homework and study. Once free time presented itself, I would play video games to relax and cool down. It was always nice after a hard day of school and training to just sit down and just unwind. The people who assume that all gamers are lazy and unhealthy obviously have no idea what the gaming community is. There may be some people in this community that fit the stereotype, but it does not mean everyone is like that. A lot of people take care of themselves and video games are just a hobby to them. The thought that all gamers are antisocial and are afraid of social interaction is another part of the stereotype. This assumption about the whole gaming community is inaccurate. This common misconception may be due to how some gamers assume that people that do not play games will not understand what they are passionate about, so they chose to not talk about it. The stereotype is inhibiting the ability for them to socialize with others. To be completely honest, I am very antisocial and introverted, but when I talk to people about video games, I can talk your ear off. When I am playing online, I can talk to anyone through voice chat without any nervousness because I know that I will not be judged since they like the same thing I do. Another example of why gamers are not antisocial is that many go to big conventions such as BlizzCon or Gamescom. Thousands of people go here every year to talk and meet other people who share their love and passion for video games. If someone believed that gamers were antisocial went to one of these conventions, it would instantly change their mind, no doubt. Some people assume that gamers do not have goals for the future. They think gamers do not care about anything but video games. This is not true whatsoever. A gamer can be just as lazy as non-gamer, but a lot of them are goal-driven and invested in their futures. There is no correlation between laziness and someone who plays video games. The goals that these people have are of passion. Like I said earlier in the paper, someone could turn playing games into a career, if they put in the time and practice. If they do eventually succeed, they get to do what they love to do. That is something not many people can say about their jobs. Studies have also shown that those who play video games are more likely to be conventionally successful and are more likely to be full-time employees. This is clear proof that gamers are not inherently lazy. Another example would be a dedicated college student, like me. I put my education first and plan to work towards where I want to be in the future. I have hopes to become a Bioinformatics Scientist and perform research in the field of molecular biology. I will work hard to achieve my goals. I am in no way a lazy person. The gamer stereotype has been around for a long time and some still believe it is relevant. It seems ridiculous that this stereotype has a foothold in society as gaming becomes more and more of a popular. People just want to do what they love, and it is lame that some are still putting a negative connotation on gaming. At this point in time, gaming is so inclusive that anyone can find enjoyment in it. One can hope that this stereotype will one day go away, but it will continue to exist since people do not have the time to talk to every person. No matter what the stereotype becomes, I will never believe it since the gaming community, though it can be a bit obnoxious at times, is a great thing to be a part of.

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