History: von Clausewitz was a German-Prussian soldier and military theorist

On Clausewitz was a German-Prussian soldier and military theorist. He emphasized the analysis of the experience of war rather than strategy and tactics due to the unpredictability of war. He is most well-known for his idea that war is a continuation of politics by other means, thus stressing the significance of the political aspects of warfare. Though he highlighted the virtues of professional armies he also understood the advantage of superiority in numbers.

Clausewitz himself served in the Prussian army against Revolutionary France and served under Russia against Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812. Consider Clausewitz’s experiences of warfare and how they influenced his military theories. Specifically, think about how Clausewitz’s idea of “people’s war” is related to his assumption that “absolute war” is the logical result of opposing military forces. 

Write an essay that explains Clausewitz’s idea of a people’s war. Your essay should describe the specific elements of a people’s war, the effects of the increased size of armies, the makeup of the people in these armies, the physical conditions that benefit a people’s war, and the significance of defense. How did Clausewitz think a people’s war should be fought?
 Read the primary source. http://media.pearsoncmg.com/ph/hss/SSA_SHARED_MEDIA_1/history/MHL/WW/documents/Clausewitz_On_War_Arming_Nation.html ______________________________________ Paper Assignment (20 points)-Due on Wednesday (Turn in the printed copy in class). Separate Cover page with Name. 2 1/2 pp to 3 pp. double-spaced (do not use any footnotes). Avoid using any quotes (from the primary source). Template (suggestion) Introduction: Historical background – Napoleonic Wars. Main Body: Answer the Questions. Conclusion: Significance of Clausewitz’s writing in the context of history.

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