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What is it ?Reflective learning is more the state of mind with which a student approaches content than it is the resolution or conclusions that the student draws from having to learn something (Pavlovich, 2007). Thus, the ability to think deeply about something (in this case wine) and draw connections to what one already knows is the key to reflective learning. Journals are similar to blogs; however, blogs are usually public and journals are private.


What “products” are required?You will write 5 journal entries over the course of the semester. You will submit the complete journal with all 5 entries at the end of the semester. A minimum of 200 words per journal entry is required. The journal entry is your personal reflection of your personal thoughts on the podcasts. There is no right answer (no need to ask others what they wrote).   What constitutes a “thoughtful” Journal entry? What are some examples of what you might address in your Journal?Remember that the more connections you make between yourself, society, and the topic of the podcasts.   Podcasts are opinionated. You may agreee or disagree with the speakers and that is okay. Think about it and reflect on what sticks out most for you. It is very important that you be honest in your journal entries. If you have not spent any time or given any thought to podcasts after you finished listening during the week, then spend some time reflecting or plan a day where you plan on focusing specifically on those ideas.

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