Hire Me ASAPDaniel FisherManagement 410Organizational Behavior and DevelopmentDr MehaffeyKultgenDecember 3 2018Introduction SAP is Essay

Hire Me ASAPDaniel FisherManagement 410Organizational Behavior and DevelopmentDr. Mehaffey-KultgenDecember 3, 2018Introduction SAP is the global leader in application enterprise software and employs just under 95,000 individuals. From small business all the way to fortune 500 companies like IBM, SAP provides software, support, and innovation. 49% of the employees currently working at SAP are millennials, and the company has remained agile due to the commitment to be a market leader. SAP impressively supports over 400,000 customers worldwide and produced over 23 billion euros in revenue in 2017. SAP was founded in 1972 and has since grown into the largest revenue generating software producer in the world.

The culture of SAP is a mix between bureaucratic-administrative and tech-startup-innovative. The two culture styles seem to be incompatible, but due to the compartmentalization of work at SAP, it has survived and thrived since its inception. Due to its unique size and purpose, SAP has attracted top talent and incredible ideas from around the world allowing it to be a stable yet risk taking organization.

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Hire Me ASAPDaniel FisherManagement 410Organizational Behavior and DevelopmentDr MehaffeyKultgenDecember 3 2018Introduction SAP is Essay
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SAP is the golden standard of a company that supports analysts and produces software. In terms of personality, I am labeled as the commander, my role is that of an analyst, and my method is through people mastery. The important aspect of the commander personality type is that while they are very rational and mathematical, they don’t lose their ability to communicate. In fact, they are characterized by their charisma and ability to lead. Beyond that, The ability to communicate effectively is the most important indicator of technical performance for programmer analysts (Moncada, 1991) The position business intelligence developer analyst is a multi-level position (meaning junior, regular, and senior positions are available) that requires a skillset very similar to my own and would allow me to create the tools to support all different types of enterprises. It’s not surprising that this exact job and job type attracts individuals with ENTJ results. Technology fields and engineering often attract rationalizing, analytical, problem solving, types of people. During a study conducted in the 90’s TJ types made up nearly 50% of the random sample. While it is commonly stated in academic studies that no one type of Myers Briggs personality is particularly inclined to be successful in the field of technology and mathematics, those individuals that possess personality types that align closer to thinking and judging tend to be more successful. (Livingood, 2003) Not only is the company a large, informal work style company that allows developers and analysts the freedom they want, but the positions available within the company are also a great match to my skills. If SAP can utilize an intelligent analyst with great communication skills then we are both in luck. Additionally, there are personality traitsPosition Overview The position title is Business Intelligence Developer Analyst and there are several key responsibilities that resonate with my personal ambitions. The listed responsibilities are: Work with business users to analyze BI reporting requirements Design and develop value-added BI Analytics and Reporting primarily within Tableau. Conduct data discovery, analysis, and profiling of data, to validate business requirements, and identify data quality or integrity issues Develop report and dashboard solutions using Tableau and/or Business Objects. Propel change management and adoption activities with business users. Provide input for additional metrics to measure organizational performance Be aware of, and comply with, all corporate policies Business intelligence is applicable knowledge that can be drawn from the analysis of the results of complex situations and decisions. Tableau is a visualization tool that can be used to drill down and roll up complex graphics and charts. Data profiling is among the first steps to creating a successful analysis, and it involves ensuring the data is current, relevant, free from mistakes and will actually be useful in answering the questions posed by the organization. Dashboarding is a process that takes complex information and presents it in a real-time and easy to understand format, so may can be used to make well informed and timely decisions. Adding additional metrics to measure performance is a situation specific task that involves creativity and an extensive understanding of the business processes that are occurring. Finally, knowing and comprehending corporate policies is a requirement that ensure quality and adherence to the values and mission of the company. I believe that I could fulfill these responsibilities. I use tableau for class and for personal projects, I understand the data analysis process from end to end, and my main goal is to give people the tools necessary to be successful. Providing the information and foundation to be successful is what I strive to do both personally and professionally. Some of the position requirements include: Experience on a Business Intelligence team in a fast-paced and complex environment Experience as a Tableau developer Experience performing data analysis Adaptable to changing priorities Self-directed Customer-focused and data-drivenThe more I read into this position the more I see that it meshes perfectly with the type of work I want to do and the skill set I have. I use tableau every day to refine and chart thousands of data points in understandable ways. For data analysis, I have used python to create scripts to sort, organize, process, and manipulate data so it can be transformed into useful information. Adaptable, self-directed, and customer focused are trademarks of people who are developers. No one learns how to code if they don’t have the willpower to complete projects. No one is an analyst if they aren’t data driven. Not only does my personality match SAP, even the position requirements seem to speak to me. Finally, there are the preferred characteristics and experience that aren’t necessary but are viewed as a plus. Strong communication skills Strong data analysis and analytical skills Understand Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse concepts Understand Dimensional modeling Experience gathering, and translating end user requirements into functional specifications and implementable end user BI solutions 5+ years working in Business Intelligence and/or Data Warehousing environment 5+ years using Structured Query Language (SQL) 5+ years working in an enterprise RDBMS (Hana, Oracle, or SQL Server equivalent) environment 5+ years of experience with Tableau Knowledge of Hadoop Ability to work effectively with both technical resources and non-technical business owners Ability to operate successfully in a fast-paced, results-oriented environment Experience with Business Objects is a plus Experience with Agile Development is a plus Experience with Atlassian JIRA a plus Willingness to coach/mentor others Ability to pass a background checkWhile I don’t satisfy all of these requirements, for example I don’t have 5 or more years in a comparable position, or experience with Atlassian JIRA, I do satisfy some. Strong communication skills, analytical skills, willingness to mentor, ability to operate in a fast-paced environment, etc. All of these things have something in common, they aren’t technical skills, so they can’t be easily learned. Very importantly, the 5+ year requirements all stem from the fact that these requirements are for the senior level analyst position, the junior position requires only 1-3 years, which I absolutely do have. For those fit requirements, those non technical skills, the characteristics that can’t be learned, it is important to present them well. If nothing else, extraverted individuals are often seen as having a more positive more charismatic image and more capable of leading. (Opt, 2003). Letter of Application and ResumeDaniel Fisher | 2810 Grant Ave, Hays, KS, 67601 (913)[email protected] Hiring ManagerI am writing to you to express interest in the Junior Business Intelligence Developer Analyst position. I became aware of this position through the SAP website while searching for analyst positions on the west coast. I am currently a senior majoring in Management Information Systems at Fort Hays State University with an intended graduation date in December 2019. I am interested in a position at SAP because of the freedom of development the organization provides and the highly analytical nature of the work performed. I have completed several programming, data analytics, and ERP courses during my academic career. The MIS and python courses I have completed covered topics such as development methods, data analysis processes, information security, web development, ERP implementation, and change management. Additionally, I identify with the goal setting theory and prefer management by objectives over most other forms of management. These traits are extremely useful to an analyst and serve to help provide feedback and solve complex problems while maintaining high levels of job performance. (216)I have utilized the skills I gained from my courses during an international internship and at FHSU. I was able to provide analytics and HRIS support for several entrepreneurs during my time as an intern in St. Maarten. More currently, I am able to use my analytical, conceptual, and programming skills to analyze alumnus employment data for the FHSU career services office. Additionally, the data and information security policies in place at career services have trained me to be aware of and in tune with sensitive information policies. I am able to use workday, Microsoft access, tableau, and other tools to analyze and visualize the data we collect from FHSU alumnus. A few objectives from my current three year plan if, hired, would be to establish a mentor/mentee relationship by the end of year one, reduce the time per task by 15% by the end of year two, and learn two new skills by the end of year three. I believe these goals are parallel representations of the goals of SAP. Establish strong relationships, provide value, and remain agile and useful, my goals are simply specific examples of SAP objectives.My enclosed resume further highlights my qualifications. I am more than happy to provide any additional information that may be needed and look forward to meeting in person. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.Sincerely,Daniel FisherEnclosure(Resume is pasted as a photo to prevent formatting conflicts) Myers-Briggs & Big 5 Comparison Contrast The Myers Briggs is a four characteristic diverging scale that classifies and labels each of the 16 possible combinations. There are two categories available for each of the four characteristics: Extraversion or Introversion, Sensing or Intuitive, Thinking or Feeling, and finally Judging or Perceiving. (Robinson & Judge, 2017) My Myers Briggs results are ENTJ-A. Commonly labeled as the commander, but historically called the field marshal. As was stated in the introduction, the commander is an analyst and master of people. It certainly shows because I am labeled as 81% extraverted which is certainly an indicator that I am comfortable around people and willing to express my thoughts and ideas. This is critical for leadership. I pride myself on being intelligent, but it would be worthless without the ability to realize my ideas and share my knowledge with others. Next, I am 55% percent intuitive, which is very close to it’s opposite of sensing. This indicates that whether I need to look at the big picture, or examine the details is situationally dependent. I’m not overwhelmingly designated one direction or the other. I don’t dislike routine, or necessarily love it. For some things, routines are necessary and add some much-needed ease into life. On the other hand, routines can be drudging and burdensome. Third is thinking, which I weigh in at 63%. This is an indication of rationalism and logic, which in terms of program development and application design is incredibly useful. Finally, we have judging, which I am at an incredibly high 94%. I certainly prefer order, and logic over feelings and spontaneity. This is where the real value of my personality comes in. It may initially be thought that I am unable to quickly adapt to changing situations, but no I have no strong feelings for routine. The value comes from being able to use routine as a tool. Program management is among the top needed skills in the business world today, from construction, to retail, to software development. Being able to find what works and incorporate it into daily operation is what program managers are best at. Couple that with my ability to analyze situations, programs, or events to find what works best, and then share that information skillfully with those around me and you’ll find that success can’t help but follow me. For the Big 5 Personality there is a little more clearly measurable positive versus negative test result. There are five factors that are considered. Conscientiousness, emotional stability, extraversion, openness to experience, and agreeableness. Conscientiousness refers to the measure of reliability and organization. As you can imagine, and individual that prefers order and preparation is generally highly conscientious. In other words, I am very reliable and organized, which is an absolute requirement for leadership and analysis. Emotional stability characterizes the ability to withstand stress. As someone who is fond of responsibility and cool under pressure, I rate highly under emotional stability. In fact, the only common downside to being a commander is being too emotionally stable and not empathizing with those who are less emotionally stable. Extraversion is the exact same as it is in the Myers Briggs result, I am still sociable and happy to express my thoughts to those that want or need to hear them. Openness to experience can be defined as how curious and imaginative you are. I rank near the middle here very much like I did when it comes to routine in Myers Briggs. I enjoy some new things, but often routine can serve as a safety net. Due to it’s size and diverse streams of revenue, SAP would be able to allow all of it’s employees to take some degree of risk without being in danger of significantly damaging the company. Finally there is agreeableness. This dimension covers the degree of good nature, natural disposition of trust, and cooperativeness of individuals. Again, I am near the middle. Generally I believe that most people are good, and are capable of achieving great things. I prefer collaboration over singularity and I generally trust those around me. Finally, with some speculation I do think that I may just be easier to be around than some individuals. Which can affect, which can in turn, effect turnover. Happier people are easier to be around as they cause less stress on the others around them and are better equipped to handle stress. Intuition types scored higher in psychological well-being and lower in self-consciousness than Sensing types. Judging types scored higher in psychological well-being than Perceiving types. (Harrington, 2001) As my personality type is both intuitive and judging my psychological well being should be measurably higher than those of my counterparts. Because of that, the strain on employee to employee relations should be lessened. It would seem that my myers briggs and big 5 personality results are consistent if nothing else. While it is difficult to rate why any certain type of personality would be better, maybe depending on the situation, some personalities just match the task better. Here and now, myself and SAP. The needs and objectives of the organization can be filled better by those who can communicate effectively and are able to collaborate. Adaptable, but analytical, organized, yet able to bring in new information and incorporate new ideas into operation. In a massive company and a highly competitive development environment, I couldn’t think of a better set of characteristics.ReferencesMoncada, S. M. (1991). A human factors analysis of the interpersonal communication effectiveness of programmer analysts (Order No. 9124463). Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. (303939233). Retrieved from com.ezproxy.fhsu.edu/docview/303939233?accountid=27424Livingood, R., & Forbes, Judith. (2003). Predicting the success of potential information technology professionals by correlation to the Myers -Briggs Type Indicator. ProQuest Dissertations Opt, S., & Loffredo, D. (2003). Communicator Image and Myers”Briggs Type Indicator Extraversion”Introversion. The Journal of Psychology, 137(6), 560-568.Robinson, S., & Judge, T. (2017). Organizational Behavior 17th Edition. Pearson.Harrington, R., & Loffredo, D. (2001). The Relationship Between Life Satisfaction, Self- Consciousness, and the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory Dimensions. The Journal of Psychology, 135(4), 439-450.

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