Heritage marketing

The implementation of the heritage marketing within 2 Italian luxury fashion brands with foreign ownership.
(You have to pick 2 of the following companies, choose the ones with best info available for the purpose of the dissertation. Choose between: Gucci, Emilio Pucci, Bottega Veneta, Valentino).
Project Structure
The project should consist of the following chapters:
0) Abstract (if necessary for a better result)
1) Introduction, industry background
2) Literature review
3) Methodology (Primary data source, secondary data source)
4) Findings & Analysis
5) Conclusion, recommendation and discussion
6) Flow of the dissertation, referencing, appendixes
Important: for the primary data it is necessary to combine a brief survey (closesed ended questions) to customers of the chosen brands in order to understand the effectiveness of the use of the heritage marketing strategy from that specific company, plus some official inf0 from the actual company. (Not particular data bases are necessary)
Qualtrics software can be a useful tool for the survey.

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