Henry Drummond in Inherit the Wind plays an incredibly Essay

Henry Drummond in “Inherit the Wind” plays an incredibly significant role in this “monkey trial.”On the one hand, the society has negatively influenced the local townspeople, making them view Drummond as a“sinner ”and a“godless “ man. However, Henry Drummond throughout the trial has rigorously proven the society wrong by successfully showing respect, intellectual honesty and enthusiastic confidence. For this reason, these notable series of traits lead Drummond to an honoured position and as an ideal hero.

To begin with, Drummond’s appropriate respect toward others and especially towards Matthew Harrison Brady was notable throughout the trial.

Although the two had many quarrels during the trial, Drummond showed respect for Brady. In fact, not only did he show respect, but he also cared about him at one point. For example, when tragic news broke out on Brady’s unfortunate death, he thoughtfully commented, “ There was much greatness in this man.” (126). This quote shows that Drummond saw his successful opponent as a determined lawyer recalling the incredible fact that he had ran for president three times.

He also defended Brady after the offensive comment said by E.K Hornbeck. Drummond replied sternly with, “You smart-aleck! You have no right to spit on his religion than you have a right to spit on my religion! Or my lack of it! “ (125) In this quote, he disputed with Hornbeck and prevented him of harshly making fun of the religions., clearly showing he has great respect for Matthew Harrison Brady. His act of respect continues where he partly quotes Brady with “ He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise in heart.” (126) This leaves Hornbeck in shock and doubt. As a result, this shows the proper amount of respect he has politely shown to his prominent opponent Brady, even after his unfortunate demise.

Second of all, Henry Drummond’s intellectual and straightforward honesty played a vital role in the trial. He has demonstrated many notable examples of it. For instance, he quoted “ The bible is a book. A good book. But it’s not the only book.” (98) He expresses his respective and honest opinion on the bible to Brady with minor to no offense. Another example of Drummond’s honesty is seen when Drummond energetically opposes to the judge’s statement on how the right to think is not on this trial.He says.“With all respect to the bench, I hold that the right to think is very much on trial! It is fearfully in danger in the proceedings of this court!”(72)In this quote, he intelligently proves the point that a man on trial has the right to think and speak what’s on his mind. This leaves with the judge asking Drummond to rephrase his question. Furthermore, he continues and says “But we are now to halt the march of the progress because Mr. Brady frightens us with a fable? Gentlemen, progress has never been a bargain. You’ve got to pay for it.” (93)He intensely informs the jury the confusion of fable of the bible and gives the jury a point to think about. For these key reasons, it is demonstrated that Drummond’s honesty brings many complex thought during the trial.

Lastly, the most prominent trait with Henry Drummond is his enthusiastic confidence throughout the trial. His abundance of confidence steers him to a more leading and beneficial position near the end of the trial. To be specific, Drummond interrogated Brady about the hours in a day according to the bible. With Drummond pounding his specific questions faster and faster, Brady replies with,“ I do not think about things that… I do not think about!”(97) This quote tells Brady is stumped on Drummonds doubts and that he has cleverly left him almost speechless. On the other hand, Drummond replies by saying,“ Do you ever think about the things u do think about?”(97) By analyzing this quote, it is evident that his level of confidence has boosted up than before. Mr. Brady, with very little to say, in anger comments “I’ll tell you what he’s trying to do! He wants to destroy everybody’s belief in the bible, and in God!” (98). Although at the end of trial Bertram Cates was found guilty and that Matthew Harrison Brady won this trial, he however retains his enthusiastic confidence to stand up for the willing defendant to make a speech. With this in mind, hence the reason why his outstanding confidence nevertheless heads him to an honoured position after the trial.

In conclusion, Henry Drummond in “Inherit the Wind“ can be viewed not as a “sinner “ or a “godless man” but as a respectful, honest and confident lawyer. He has shown the society that he is respectful to his opponent, honest to the jury and judge and has shown a boost of confidence. These traits almost ultimately defeats Matthew Harrison Brady. These traits lead Drummond to a beneficial position and as a result an “ideal hero.”

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