Healthy By Design

Guidelines for Assessment Task 2

If the following guidelines do not answer your question, then please pose a question to Stuart or

Kathy on the page called “Questions About Assessments”.  We will endeavour to answer your

question within 24 hours (Mon-Fri) or by the next business day (after a weekend).  Please take into

consideration that our work day is generally within the hours of 9 am and 5 pm.


  1. A range of case studies are provided in two documents:
  2. Healthy by Design (Heart Foundation)
  3. Extension works: case studies demonstrating how extension enables change in rural

Australia (SELN)

  1. Choose one of the case studies in either document provided.
  2. Consider who are the actors involved, what community(s) they represent and what is their

role in the intervention (program implementation)

  1. Refer back to the definitions of inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes (program elements).
  2. Activities are the things that people do (hint: use verbs)
  3. Outputs are the tangible things that the activities create or produce (hint: use

nouns).  People use or benefit in some way from an output

  1. Outcomes are the consequences or results of our collective work. A common

mistake is labelling something an outcome when it actually an output

  1. If the case study appears to be missing information for one or more elements, then

try and deduce what those elements might have been

  1. State each element briefly and concisely
  2. Consider how or why one activity and its outcome may be a prerequisite to another
  3. What assumptions were made in relation to a particular activity leading to a certain


  1. What are the apparent gaps, if any, in this program?
  2. What else, if anything, could have been done given the resources (= inputs = people, money,

time etc)?

  1. Develop some headings to help structure your report, noting that the final order of sections

in your report will depend on how you intend to present your work.  Examples of headings:

  1. Situation, context and interactions
  2. Factors driving or inhibiting change
  3. Theory of change
  4. Remember the guideline on the length of the report. Endeavour to write concisely.




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