Health Promotion

The assignment should be relating to health promotion practice in UK and the writer should only provide example and use references from public health UK and NHS etc. Please attached HND assignment brief and please follow the below instruction when answering the questions.
1.1 start with a brief introduction and explain social, economic determinants of health such as unemployment, education, discrimination and income. Discuss all these four areas and explain how it is a social determinants of health. Cite references to back up your answer.
1.2 Assess the relevance of three government publish studies inequalities (Social and economic issues) such as Black Report, Acheson Report and Health Survey for England (HSFE) in relation to the case study on LO1 (Task 1).
1.3 Discuss at least three barriers to accessing health care in UK and explain how it is a barrier, what is preventing people accessing health care such finance, culture, language, physical disability. Provide UK statistic and references to back up your answer.
2.1 Analyse the link between UK government strategies and models of health promotion such as anti-smoking campaign, Healthy Eating, Dare Campaign, Sure Start. Models of health promotion are medical (vaccination program), health education, behavioural change and social change. Provide references to back up your answer.
2.2 Explain role of different professionals in health and social care have on meeting health promotion targets set by government such as health visitors, school nurses, care homes, hospice and palliative care.
2.3 Discuss the role of routines in promoting health living. Talk about sleep, exercise, diet, healthy eating and how they have impact on health and how they can cause diseases.
3.1 Explain how health beliefs relate to theories of health behaviour. Talk about health belief model (Becker 1974), theory of reasoned action, health action model and stages of change model. Talk about interpersonal level, community level and organisational level.
3.2 Discuss the potential effects of conflicts with local industry on health promotion. You can talk about tobacco industry, food industry (McDonald and KFC), alcohol industry, car (Air pollution).
3.3 Explain with examples the importance of providing relevant health related information to the public. Talk about how information can link to behavioural change such as health belief model. You can talk about advertising and perceived threat.
4.1 Plan a health promotion campaign to meet specific objectives. Please use exercise as health promotion campaign. Outline the goal and objectives for activity.
4.2 Explain how health promotion campaign supports government health promotion strategies.

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