Health organisation/Hospital Workforce Plan

Graph, data and table should be attached.

Length: 2000 words. (NOTE: Executive Summary, References and Appendices are not included in the word count)


The purpose of the assignment is to prepare a workforce plan for one health organisation. The Health Organisation Workforce Plan will have to include all of the relevant sections of a Workforce Plan as outlined in the readings links. The Workforce Plan needs to include recommendations on strategies to address key workforce issues.


The assignment will be scaffolded so that readingswill support the development of the Health Organisation Workforce Plan. This includes key topics relevant to the development of the workforce plan such as preparing an Environmental Scan, analysing the organisation’s workforce data set, identifying critical issues and developing strategies to address the issues identified.

You will need to gain the permission of the Chief Executive Officer (or other relevant person such as Workforce Planning or Human Resources Manager) to carry out the project, including requesting a data set. This action is essential for you to gain access to the people and information that you require to successfully complete the project.

The process will include the following steps:

  • Prepare a Table of Contents for the HealthOrganisation Workforce Plan using report format.
  • Executive summary.
  • Draft the Introduction for the Workforce Plan.
  • Prepare the external Environmental Scan for the plan using relevant NSW, other States and Territories and national health workforce references including policy and planning documents. Determine if there is a relevant Workforce Plan for public sector health services developed by the Local Health District (NSW), Hospital and Health Services (Queensland) and relevant networks in other States and Territories. If you work in the private sector, this type of documentation will still be helpful.
  • Prepare the internal Environmental Scan by:
    1. Gathering information on the organisation’s organisational structure,
    2. Describing the structures and processes of the organisation’s approach to workforce planning and management, including whether the organisation has a current Workforce Plan, or Strategic, Business or Operational Plans which refer to workforce planning initiatives and strategies.
    3. Identifying the extent to which the organisation currently analyses its own current and future workforce supply and requirements, including preparation of a workforce profile.
  • Provide a profile of the organisation’s workforce if data are available. Undertake the data analysis required to support the workforce plan if data are available in order to develop a workforce profile using tables and graphs and supporting explanatory text. See the section below on the proposed data set. If data are not available, describe the workforce profile and use interviews and external sources to identify workforce characteristics, trends, levels of shortage and workforce issues.
  • Based on data analysis and/or interviews with key staff and relevant information from the Environmental Scan, determine whether supply is currently adequate to meet the service demand by workforce category.
  • Based on the previous steps and relevant literature, identify critical issues to be addressed in the workforce plan.Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation’s present and future workforce planning strategies.
  • Recommend key strategies to address the critical issues in each of the areas of workforce planning and development, including:
  • Recruitment and retention;
  • Organisational performance management strategies related to the workforce;
  • Utilisation of capability frameworks for identifying and developing skills levels of the workforce;
  • Applying skills-mix and workforce redesign strategies to the health workforce;
  • Education and training strategies addressing workforce development; and
  • Strategies for developing workforce efficiency and productivity.


10)  Conclusion

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