Health Impact Assessment (Benchmark Assignment)

health impact assessment (HIA), described in Chapter 4 of your textbook, is a process for describing and estimating the effects a proposed project or policy may have on the health of a population. For this assignment, imagine you asked asked to conduct a HIA for a proposed waste management facility in your community.

In a paper of 1,250-1,500-words address the following questions and issues:
1.Provide an overview and description of the stages of an health impact assessment. How is it different from other forms of assessment, such as an environmental impact assessment or a community health assessment?
2.What information would you need about the proposed project?
3.What information would you need about the community to understand the potential health effects?
4.What recommendations would you propose to promote positive health effects? What recommendations would you propose to mitigate adverse health effects?
5.Which decision makers would need this information? Why?

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