Health Care Provision in The Community

Diabetes in Hispanic Population ( Charlotte County Fl.) The described population group then described the population’s health problem providing data to support. Described results of comprehensible community assessment showing collaboration with health care team members and or individuals/groups that represent the problem.Developed possible evidence-based culturally competent interventions/programs aimed at primary prevention at the community and system level of care specific to the communityHealth Care Provision in The Community 1

Chose a possible way to evaluate the outcomes of the project Presented to a community professional. Described role as a health care leader in the community

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Health Care Provision in The Community
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Format and Writing

Format of the presentation includes: Bullet information on slide, No more than seven lines per slide, No more than seven words per sentence and Do not write in all capital letters. Select a background that will enhance the quality of the information being presented. APA format for in-text citation and reference list. Minimum 15, maximum 18 slides – this includes the title slide and reference list–

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