Health care and the providers of health care

In the year 2022 changes will be made to health care and the providers of health care. The first change that will be made will be the use of an electronic health record. The use of this new technology will allow consumers to be in contact with their providers and have a say in their care. Patients will also see health care providers monitoring their disease process with the use of smart phones and smart watches. There will also be a greater use of apps and games to teach patients how to manage their disease process or to maintain health (Hartly, 2013).

The use of advanced care practitioners will be on the rise, with an aging baby boomer population and advances in disease management. There will be a more children surviving into adulthood with rare congenital conditions, and will require specialized care in their adult lives. With the increase of these patients the role of the nurse practitioner will expand and become in greater need, and have a larger role at the bedside as will in primary care.

When looking back on 2012 from 2025 I would like to think that I would look back fondly and be proud of the changes that were made in the years that followed. The advancements that will be made will affect me both professionally and personally, in regards to my own health care needs and my children. My hope is that with the increased use of advanced practice practitioners and further cooperation with physicians there will be a well rounded delivery of care. (Garrett, 2012)


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