Health and Physical Education – Life Long Physical Activity

The Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education learning area contains a “lifelong physical activities (LLPA)” focus area from years 3/4 to 9/10. The LLPA focus area “focuses on how participation in physical activity can enhance health-related fitness and wellbeing across the lifespan”.



In this practical assignment we ask you to explore the evidence that supports the incorporation of the LLPA in the Australian Curriculum. In essay format, cover the following:


  • define and describe LLPA;
  • define physical activity and health-related fitness;
  • describe how and why LLPAs differ from traditional sports;
  • use peer-reviewed literature to describe the research evidence that informs the view that LLPA enhances health-related fitness and wellbeing;
  • provide an example of how LLPA activity can be incorporated into Physical Education Curriculum using an year level band of your choice (e.g. years 7-8) referencing the Australian Curriculum.


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