Heading back from the graveyard to his small family house Jack was Essay

Heading back from the graveyard to his small family house, Jack was peddling under the rain. Most of the time the rain was a blessing, this time it wasn’t. Suddenly, thunder stroke on a tree within his view distance, which frightened him and caused him to fall off his bike. He got up “It is just a lightning strike, why am I scared?” he thought then continued his way.

Before the final turn to his house, he was able to see flashing blue lights, “Oh God an ambulance?” he asked to himself.

Seconds later, he had a clear view of what was going on. “No!” he shouted. He got off his bike and dropped it, running so quickly as if he was running for his life. The police were putting on handcuffs on his dad. Jack avoided most of them and tried to go straight to his father with tears in his eyes. Tears that were hard to notice because of the rain.

One of the policemen pushed him softly “Please move out of the way kid, this isn’t the best place to play in right now”

“That’s my dad!” Jack cried

“Well, then your dad is arrested for the murder of Mary Parker. You can talk to him later once all of this is settled” responded the man

Jack stood shocked, not listening to the man anymore “My mother’s life has been taken away by my own father” kept repeating in his head

His aunt, Lucy, showed up minutes later and ran to him to hug him “Are you alright?”

Jack only responded with more tears. Then they both went inside the house.

Jack went to his room, broken inside after losing both of his parents in a matter of a few days. He just thought “Why? Why would my dad do this!” Then it hit him, and he kept remembering what happened the days before his mom was killed and recalled.


His parents’ loud voice woke him up earlier than usual. Jack wasn’t really bothered to check out what was happening and just continued to shower and get dressed for school. He went to the kitchen to have breakfast, “Goodmorning”. None of his parents even heard him because of their long-lasting argument. He just sat down and had breakfast awkwardly as he listened to them argue.

“But Dave you can’t sell our house and farm! Where will we live?” yelled Mary

“This is a once in a lifetime deal I was offered. They are paying a fortune for this place. We can get a new better house with the money that we will have” Dave shouted

“Oh yeah? What makes you so sure that everything will go as you plan?” jabbed Mary

“The businessmen that gave me this offer assured me that, so please have an open mind of the possibilities we can do with our new lives.” murmured Dave

“I can’t take that risk Dave. What’s so wrong with our current life and house?” Mary insisted

That was enough for Jack to listen to. He just left his food half untouched and exited the house to head to school.

It wasn’t the smoothest day for Jack until he saw his friend Ashley show up during lunchtime at the cafeteria. It was Ashley’s first year in this school, and she was Jack’s closest friend. They would tell each other everything, and keep no secrets between each other.

“Hey there!” sighed Jack

“What’s up Jack” Ashley exclaimed

“Ugh, It’s my parents. They were arguing all morning and it drove me crazy” complained Jack

“Oh, what is it about this time. Don’t tell me you did something to cause that”

“No, it wasn’t me. My dad wants to sell the house for some better life vision he has in his mind, and my mom doesn’t want to” explained Jack

“Wait, do you mean to move to another state?” asked Ashley shockingly

“Possibly, I have no clue how my dad thinks or what has happened to him lately.”

Ashley stared at him “You can’t leave me!”

“I won’t, it’s probably just a stupid argument that will be closed when I get back home”

They continued their lunchtime chat then went back to class.

Jack headed back home. It was unexpectedly quiet, not as what Jack imagined it to be. “Hey dad”

“Hey Jack. How was your day?”

“Fine, I guess”

He certainly didn’t expect to see his father this calm and in a good mood especially after what he had been through this morning.

“Your mom went out to buy a few things. She should have been back by now, I don’t know what is taking her so long.” Dave added

Jack then went to my room surprised and relieved that everything is alright, and started listening to music as he does his project.

At dawn, he went to the living room and saw his dad alone sitting uncomfortably as if something was bothering him. “Have you seen mom?”

“No Jack, she hadn’t been answering her phone. Then I found her keys on the ground, just outside the house. I panicked and called the police to try and find her.” Dave said in a concerning manner

“What! Is she alright?”

“I hope so son, I hope so”

Jack couldn’t sleep that night. Knowing that his mother was missing killed him from the inside, and if it wasn’t for his father’s safety instructions, he would have gone out on his bike searching for her.

He finally slept for three hours but didn’t want to go to school; however, his dad thought it was best for him to not get involved in this and continue as a normal teenager, insisting that he should go to school. Before school started he was able to meet with Ashley. “Why didn’t you text me back yesterday. Are you avoiding me!” she said in a laughing tone

“No… It’s my mom, she didn’t come back home yesterday so we called the police and they still haven’t found her.”

“Oh my God, I am so sorry for making that joke. Have you tried calling her?” she asked

“She doesn’t respond. Do you think my dad has anything to do with that? Maybe he got her angry.”

“Yeah, maybe she needs a break and is staying at her parents’ place or something. She will show up, don’t worry.”

“Yeah maybe you are right”

The school bell rang. “Oh, got to go to class, see you later Jack”

“See you.”

During one of Jack’s classes, he got a text message from his dad saying “Please come back home as soon as possible”

Jack quickly got up from his seat “Excuse me” and went directly to get his bike and headed home. He saw his dad from the back as he opened the door, and when he turned he saw the tears in his eyes “She is gone! Your mother is gone. She was found dead inside her car” he mumbled

All of his life’s good memories with his mother flashed into his mind at that time. He stood shocked not knowing what to do, then bursted into tears.


Remembering how it all happened made him furious with his father, and made him ask, were those tears fake? Does he even have a heart for him to manipulate his son and take his wife’s life like that?

Aunt Lucy knocked on the half-open door and went in to hug him “I know this would be the most difficult on you. I am truly sorry you have to go through this, but if you ever need anything I will always be there to help you”

“Thank you Aunt Lucy. I was thinking, could you take me tomorrow to visit my dad at the police station? I have some things to clear with him” asked Jack

“Jack, it might not be the best idea to talk to the man who took your mom’s, my sister’s life” Aunt Lucy suggested

“We will just exchange words, nothing more”

“Fine, but make it quick”

“Thanks, could I please have some time alone” asked Jack

“Of course, goodnight”

Jack texted Ashley what happened to his father but the message couldn’t be sent. The rain must have been blocking the signal. Jack wanted to sleep and never wake up again. He wasn’t suicidal but didn’t know what to do now or what he will do in the future.

The next morning before school Ashley came ringing the doorbell. Aunt Lucy opened the door, “I am here for Jack” said Ashley

“Please, come in” Aunt Lucy responded

Ashley saw Jack sitting on his bed. “Hi, I am so sorry for what happened Jack. No one must go through what you are going through right now”

Jack stayed quiet for a few seconds, “I am going to visit my dad and talk to him to clear what’s in my chest.” Jack insisted

“When? I will come with you”

“Ashley, you don’t have to…”

“That’s what friends are for” patting him on the back

Later that day they went to the station where Dave was kept until the final decision of his sentence. Aunt Lucy talked to the receptionist to arrange a visit for Dave. They had to wait a few minutes, then he finally showed up wearing handcuffs. The heartless man, The man who took the life of his wife and covered it up. The man who calls himself a father and a husband. Jack stood up, “How could you! How could be this cruel and ruthless! Lying and manipulating me like I am a toy and it has been you all along.”

Ashley stood up “Calm down Jack. You are making noise”

“Son, please let me explain to you.” Dave declared

“What is there to explain, you murder people who disagree with you. Who knows, this might not even be your first time.” rebuked Jack

“No please son listen to me, I am being set up. I never killed anyone and certainly not your mother, the love of my life. Please, this is someone else’s doing, not mine.”

Jack stood for a second thinking of something to counted what his father has said, “Then why are your fingerprints all over her and nobody else’s” said Jack

“She is my wife, there is always some physical contact between us including some fingerprints”

Jack realized that what his father is saying could be true and began to think widely for more possibilities of his mother’s death.

“Don’t let him get into your mind. He might be just using you as a toy once again Jack” Ashley commanded

“He might be telling the truth Ashley. I will try and investigate into it. You are more welcome to join me” replied Jack

“Of coarse Jack”

After heading back home, Jack sat on his bed as he listened to music, thinking of a way to prove the innocence of his father. A butterfly came from the window and landed on his arm. Seconds later he watched it fly around his room then exit from where it came from. He found that rather odd because he had never touched a butterfly before. A brilliant idea came into his mind “I will try tracking my mother’s phone. It might lead to somewhere”. So he logged into his mother’s account from his computer to locate her phone. He was shocked. He realized it wasn’t his father who did it. The phone has been located on one of the houses next to them. “That isn’t a coincidence”

Jack called Ashley to come over and showed her the lead he got. “I think we should inform the police about this” Jack suggested

“No, we should check it out first, then report it once we confirm they are responsible” said Ashley

“Really? Breaking into someone’s house, we might end up in jail for that Ashley”

“Not if it is for a good cause. Come on let’s go do this!” Ashley exclaimed

They went to their street and found the house. They stared at it for a second. “I will go ring the doorbell” declared Ashley

“No! No! Are you mad?” responded Jack

“Trust me, I got this”

She rang the doorbell once, then another, then another, but nobody was home. So she snuck in the backyard. Jack was scared so he only tried following her lead. The backyard door was unlocked, “Bingo!” Ashley exclaimed

“I am not going in there” insisted Jack

“Fine, I’ll go in alone. Just stay on the watch and inform me if someone comes”

Ashley walked in and scouted the house. Clothes were on the ground and food was still on the tables as if she just entered a junkpile. It was so messy, that she didn’t even realize she stepped on gum until afterward. Trying to find the phone was hard since it didn’t show the exact place to find it, just a general location. She figured that it would be hidden in the bedroom, so she went there. A picture of a skull was hanged on the wall. “Who are those creepy people” she said to herself. She continued to look inside the drawer and found the phone “Oh my God” she shouted. There was a pistol and a knife covered with blood.

“Ashley! They are here, leave!” Jack yelled

Ashley closed the drawer and ran to the backyard door, but she saw the woman right in front of her while running, “What are you doing here!” the woman shouted

“Uh, nothing I must have gotten the wrong address.” Ashley stammered

“Oh, I don’t think so young lady” while she pointed a pistol at Ashley.

“No please! Don’t shoot” Ashley begged

Jack was able to hear everything from the backyard door and had to make a quick decision, either call the police to finally catch the real murderer but lose another life of someone he cares about in the process, or he takes matters into his own hands. Without hesitation, he took the broom in the backyard and went inside the house to strike the woman from the back of her head. Jack and Ashley quickly went from the backyard door and ran to Jack’s house.

The first thing they did is call the police to report this crime. The police arrived as quickly as possible to find the woman unconsciously laid on the floor, so they investigated her things and found the murder weapon along with Mary’s phone in the same spot that Ashley found it in.

Aunt Lucy took Jack and Ashley to the police station. As soon as they entered, Jack saw his father sitting in the waiting room and rushed to hug him. “Sorry for ever doubting you dad! The idea of you taking someone else’s life should have never come into my mind. I am so sorry I didn’t believe you at first and I hope you forgive me”

“You have more than earned your forgiveness son. You are the reason I will be sleeping in my bed tonight. Thank you!” announced Dave

“No dad, you should be thinking Ashley, without her I couldn’t have done this. She was the one who pushed and encouraged me that we can bring justice by our own hands when necessary.” Jack responded

“Thank you Ashley, for taking care of my son while I was gone” said Dave

“My pleasure Mr. Parker, that’s what friends are for, hard times like this” replied Ashley

The feeling of anger and rage turned into happiness and relief after releasing his father and catching the real murderer.

Jack spent the whole day with his father, grateful for not losing him, and enjoying every moment with him. But there was still one question he wanted to ask him “Why did that woman do it dad? Why did she kill mom? I don’t understand.”

“Son, remember that day your mom and I were arguing about selling our house. Well, she was the one that offered me the deal. She was the one that wanted to buy the house. And after I told her that I will have to reject the offer because my wife doesn’t want to sell it, she killed her so that I can decide on my own without her”

“Oh my, I hope that selfish woman rots in jail for her doings. I can’t believe people can live with actions like these” Jack announced angrily

The next afternoon Jack and Ashley went to Mary’s grave. “Here is where it all began and here is where it ends. May you rest in peace knowing that justice has been served. For that, I know your soul will always be with us at every moment. I promise you that I will not let you down” Jack assured

“I also want to tell you that somebody stayed by my side for the whole journey and without her I couldn’t have done it. She was the one giving me hope” added Jack

Ashley smiled, hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. Jack realized that this will be a new beginning of a lovely relationship.

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