Have you ever been in that situation where you have a bunch Essay

Have you ever been in that situation where you have a bunch of deadlines to finish, exams to study for and other important responsibilities that need to done immediately? Usually, people get into panic mode and actually succeed when under pressure. But that is not the case for everyone. People get stressed out and instead of doing something productive, they resort to sulking, cramming, and sometimes the stress gets too big to handle, their mental health gets put aside and that results to more problems.

So what is stress? It is how our bodies respond and react when there is demand for anything to be accomplished or, expectations that are need to be met. Stress has a lot of effects that sometimes makes accomplishing of work even harder. Here are a few. First, stress has various effects on our health. Stress can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. Once a person acquires one of these illnesses, there would be an increase in stress, because they have to be more conscious and it may be harder for them to accomplish their tasks.

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Have you ever been in that situation where you have a bunch Essay
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And that failure to complete tasks can lead to more stress. Some ways we can combat stress is by eating healthy. Even with a stressed mind, we should not take our health for granted. Though sometimes it is okay to indulge in sweets, junk food, we should always remember to eat moderately and to drink a lot of water. Exercise is also a huge factor in ensuring we stay healthy. Exercise also releases endorphins, making you feel a whole lot better, so if you do engage in regular exercise, stress can be eliminated much easier. Second, stress affects our mental health greatly. It can cause depression, anxiety, restlessness and many more. This is not just applicable to students but to also professionals. Everyone is vulnerable to mental illnesses and stress can be a contributor to it. Mental illnesses should be seen seriously as a lot of people are lost from suicide yearly. The way stress can be a factor in developing a mental illness is quite alarming, so if you think that you have any of these illnesses, it is best to seek professional help. And lastly, stress can affect your work and your relationships. Stress, again can cause you physical illnesses and mental illnesses. Once you have these, it would be harder to manage your own relationships and these illnesses can get in the way of your relationship and your work. Next, stress can make you act in a negative way, this can easily destroy relationships without you noticing. And once stressed, we often just try and ignore work. By doing this, it can only cause you future problems and thus, causing you more stress. There are a lot of ways we can combat stress but one of the most important ways is to prevent it. Making sure you get to sleep at least 8 hours a day is a big help since you will feel refreshed and not feel tired. Also make sure that you exercise regularly. I have mentioned earlier that exercising releases endorphins that can help you feel happier. Next is that make sure you relax. Sometimes all we need is to relax just for a little bit so we can rethink about all our decisions and just to clear our minds for a little bit. Lastly, we need to identify what is causing the stress we have. Once you have identified what is causing your stress, you can easily combat it and finish the task or face the task with open arms Expressive Essay: I started out in Senior High School feeling really nervous, unsure and, confused becauseI still had no idea what I wanted to take up in college. Almost everyone has said that SHS was supposed to aid us with the sufficient knowledge we need for college. I was not thinking .bstraight when my father decided that the program I will be taking is STEM, he already had plans for me, how I, would be taking up IT in college. I was supposed to take the ICT strand but the woman at the registrar’s office said that we could also opt for STEM. This is now the start of a mistake that would later on cause consequences. My first term in SHS was okay, but I felt that it was not for me. At this point I still did not know what I wanted to take. So I really just settled for IT, that was what I instilled in my mind. So halfway through my third term, grade 11, I had to shift. STEM was not for me. I originally wanted to shift to HUMSS but they said I might get delayed from graduating. So, I shifted to GAS. I graduated on time and I was now about to decide on what course I will take. My mind wandered and I wanted to take so much courses that I did not know what to pick. I ended up with IT because my parents also liked that course. That ended up to be one of the biggest mistakes I have made in my life. First term in IT was great, my grades were not low but that is because we only had one major subject, so I still pushed through and decided to continue. Then come 2nd term, probably one of the most hellish terms I have experienced in MCL. We had three major subjects, two were about programming. I sucked at it. 2nd term was the term I realized that IT was not for me. I had to stop forcing myself in pretending I was enjoying what I was doing. It was difficult, especially when my classmates also graduated from MCL, ICT track. They were already introduced to these subjects I knew nothing about, and I guess that was also one big factor that contributed to my decision of shifting. Now, I am currently transitioning from an IT student to a tourism student. Tourism has always been one of my options, but I had so many courses I wanted to take, so everything was a big chunk of mess. I was able to think everything through and finally come to terms that I will not be graduating from MCL as an IT student. Now, my mind is at peace and I will finally get to enjoy college.Looking back at these mistakes made me realize something. That I really have to follow what I want. I, get to decide what I think is best for me and that I should not be easily swayed by other people’s decisions.

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