Gyges’ Ring and Socrates’ Dilemma

This assignment tests the student’s capacity to relate moral questions to their ramifications and impact upon every aspect of society. AS Instructions: In the reading Gyges’ Ring and Socrates’ Dilemma, you have learned about one of the hardest questions in human history, “Why be moral?” Glaucon argues that no one—not even the most upright person—would refuse to live a perfectly unjust life. By perfectly unjust life he suggests doing whatever one pleases without ever being caught and punished. As I suggested in my own example, imagine that you possessed a remote control that freezes time. You could take any amount of money from banks, kill or hurt people you dislike, and more. The amazing thing about it is that after perpetrating whichever action you like, you unfreeze time and no one will ever know what you have done. In fact, while you practice injustice, you gain a good reputation whereby people think you are a high minded, honest, and great individual. In a 1000-word paper (approximately 4-5 pages) explain why or why not you would use such a remote. If you never had to suffer, you were never punished, and had a great reputation, what exactly would make it morally wrong for you to use the remote that freezes time? Upload as a word document.
Gyges' Ring and Socrates' Dilemma 1

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