Gundayao,Ryan Christian_PRELIMS ECE001 Essay

ECE001 – ECE Orientation and Outcomes Based Education

Preliminary Course Assessment

1T/ 2019 – 20

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Gundayao,Ryan Christian_PRELIMS ECE001 Essay
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Name: Ryan Christian C. Gundayao Date Submitted: September12, 2019

Section: A21 Instructor: Ronel V. Vidal, PECE

History of Engineering

The career we understand as engineering nowadays emerged in the course of the 1500’s when professionals started out using arithmetic to layout army fortifications. Those unique military architects would normally permit craftsmen do the real construction, as a result becoming the first real engineers in the modern experience of the phrase.

The exact foundation of the word ‘engineering’ comes from the technology when human beings implemented themselves to skilful inventions. Man evolving similarly within the global invented devices along with the pulley, the wheel and levers. The word engineer has its root within the phrase engine, which comes from the Latin word ingenium, this means that “innate first-rate specifically of intellectual electricity”. And therefore the word engineer emerged as someone who creates nifty and realistic inventions.

The earliest recorded civil engineer was an Egyptian known as Imhotep.


Is believed that Imhotep designed and constructed the remarkable pyramid of Djoser, also known as the Step Pyramid.

Imhotep became considered one of Pharaoh Djoser’s officials and it is possible that he became the first individual to make use of columns in architecture, the Step Pyramid was built in Egypt in approximately the term 2630 – 2611 BC and can be observed at Saqqara.

The pre-scientific revolution would consist of creation the pyramids of the Egyptians, the well-known structures of the historical Greek culture which include the Parthenon and Acropolis, and the historical Roman structures including the Coliseum, Circus Maximus, Hadrian’s Wall and aqueducts for water transportation. Those systems had been constructed the usage of easy machines and equipment. Additionally they used a very important geometric formula a squared + b squared = c squared (Pythagorean Theorem) developed by the Greek Pythagoras, as the idea for getting structures to be rectangular and true.

Nowadays an engineer is described as a person who has obtained and is applying their scientific and technical understanding to designing, analysing and constructing beneficial, helpful and functional works. This would contain systems, machines and equipment, manufacturing techniques as well as forecasting their behavior especially environmental situations. 

That is all finished with capability, operational economics and safety to existence and belongings forefront in mind. The field of engineering has matured as telecommunications, microelectronics and computer systems have caused us to forge in advance into the field of data era.

History of Electronics Engineering

Electronics is frequently considered to have all started when Lee De forest invented the vacuum tube in 1907. Within 10 years, his device was utilized in radio transmitters and receivers in addition to systems for long distance telephone calls. Vacuum tubes remained the preferred amplifying tool for 40 years, until researchers working for William Shockley at Bell Labs invented the transistor in 1947. Within the following years, transistors made small portable radios, or transistor radios, possible in addition to allowing extra effective mainframe computer systems to be built. Transistors had been smaller and required lower voltages than vacuum tubes to the interwar years the concern of electronics was dominated by way of the global interest in radio and to some extent smartphone and telegraph communications. The terms “wireless” and “radio” had been then used to refer something digital. There have been certainly few non-army applications of electronics past radio at that point until the appearance of television. The difficulty was not even supplied as a separate college diploma difficulty till approximately 1960.Previous to the second one global struggle, the difficulty was generally known as “radio engineering” and basically become restrained to aspects of communications and RADAR, commercial radio and early television. At this time, study of radio engineering at universities could only be undertaken as part of a physics degree.Later, in post warfare years, as client gadgets began to be developed, the field broadened to include modern-day television, audio systems, hi-Fi and latterly computer systems and microprocessors. in the mid to late 1950s, the term radio engineering steadily gave way to the call electronic engineering, which then became a stand alone college degree subject, generally taught alongside electrical engineering with which it had turn out to be related because of some similarities.

Differentiate Electrical Engineering to Electronics Engineering to Computer Engineering

The primary distinction between electrical and electronic circuits is that electrical circuits don’t have any decision making (processing) capability, at the same time as electronic circuits do. An electric powered circuit surely powers machines with power. But, an electronic circuit can interpret a sign or an guidance, and perform a undertaking to fit the situation. For example, a microwave oven regularly bleeps while it has finished cooking, to inform the consumer that his or her meal is ready.

Most modern home equipment use a mixture of electronic and electric circuitry. A bathing system has an electrical circuit comprising a plug socket, fuse, on/off switch, heater and motor, which rotates the drum. The desired wash cycle and temperature are inputted via the user through the control panel. these commands are interpreted by means of digital circuits, which have been designed and programmed to recognize what the person would really like based on what buttons had been pressed. While the digital circuit has interpreted those instructions, it sends indicators to the electrical circuit to function the heater and motor, to heat and rotate the drum, for the time required.

While computer engineering is one subject wherein engineers layout computer systems, computer languages, servers, communication protocols and algorithms. This field itself encompasses some of different disciplines along with network engineering, simulation, system programming, embedded structures, and many others. It is the low stage interaction among digital signals and circuit components, and the lowest ranges of software on integrated circuits and microcontrollers. This requires some excellent understanding of the electronic circuits as it may impact capability, however the focus of expertise is less about the circuit, and extra at the digital interaction and operation of the system.

Qualities of a Great Engineer

Outstanding Engineers empathize with users. They need to resolve real issues that is probably beneficial for the world.They have got precise records about simple sciences and generally suited at maths. They’re precise at making use of scientific thoughts. They’re curious. They may be suitable at each making plans and executing – also called assignment control. They decide upon tinkering, with mind and prototypes. They realize that no layout is final, however release versions and hold enhancing. They will be able to see each big photo and info. Suited Engineers also suppose visually similarly to in numbers. They understand organization and economics. They recognize superb designs need to be low in cost to be useful. In essence, an engineer need to own the competencies modern day analytical questioning (from all the years today’s taking math), element-oriented attitude (examine and overview, as even a small math or intellectual mistake may be costly or perhaps purpose lack of existence), creativity (out latest the field questioning, innovate), and interpersonal skills (taking element with other disciplines brand new engineers in initiatives or perhaps talking with clients). Engineers are basically scientists who use era and math to remedy problems and i’d say no matter which kind brand new engineer it is, those abilties are critical in industry.

Characteristic of a Good Engineering Student

Excellent Engineer must possess a strong analytical intelligence, who gives interest to each and every detail related technical, mathematically inclined but above a lot of these, he have to be innovative with useful communication 

Abilities. not only that, he should show an capability to think logically when required, must have an capability to resolve complex situations right away and overall he must act as a team player led by an example.


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Electronics are utilize in every part of the industry and economy. In the society, many are employed because of over a million people that is need in terms of developing, selling devices and manufacturing equipment. The government purchase an electric device such as computers, navigation systems, communication and electronic equipment that used in transportation, production system and data processing. Cameras, telephones and televisions are some of the electronic products that are sold to consumers. There’s a lot of opportunities for society who want to work in electronics as it has the biggest part in our industry that easily work on it. Developing our society to the next level that produce a highly good quality of devices and equipment that will increase the growth of our industry, simply innovating makes our lives easier.

But the issue is our society now is having a problem towards a lack of attention for the users of electronics. Using of it can affect the physical, psychological, financial and practical that leads to the poor behavior of people. Those effect can disconnect us from our surroundings, disturb the sleeping phase, people tend to stay inside the house rather than the outdoors and lack of discipline in controlling the use of electronics. The society and industry are one of the biggest part of our lives that help us to have opportunities and develop us to grow and be independent. Electronics has many advantages towards in our lives that opens many doors who wants to work and use it. People should know their limits on using it because it can ruin you and others.

Technology does have the exceptional capability to fundamentally enhance the higher-order problems dealing with humanity. If we manage to direct technology to serve nature’s evolutionary requirements. Technology innovation is nothing greater than the creation of manmade systems using the tools of technology. Technology systems that aught to embody the regulations of evolution for us as a species to gain from. In fact, in its present day infantile form, technology merely expedites and exacerbates our evolutionary denial. A completely risky predicament, leading not to a strengthening but an expedited atrophy of humanity. My point is, technology can be made to serve and extend the excellence of humanity, but most effective when technology learns to adhere to the fundamental principles by which, we now understand, evolution deploys its rule.

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