Good morningafternoon Miss Nightingale and fellow classmates today I am here to Essay

Good morning/afternoon Miss Nightingale and fellow classmates, today I am here to address a serious ongoing issue in today society. Now what might be the issue I’m going to be talking about today? Well today I am going to talk about homelessness in Australia. To start off, I want you to imagine a person of any age, living out in the streets by himself/herself with no help, no family, no water, no money and especially no home to live in.

These are the many few conditions homeless people go through. If I were to ask all of you to describe the average homeless person, it would be the typical unhygienic, ragged clothes, grown beard, tattered shoes with a little sign asking for help. Now I assume that most of you woke up on the right side of bed, had a quick shower, made yourself breakfast and left the house safely to an unpleasant day of school. Think to yourself how lucky you are to be living such a cosy life, while a homeless person is out there living the elements of third world war country conditions.

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Good morningafternoon Miss Nightingale and fellow classmates today I am here to Essay
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This is lead by the leading factors of the rise in cost of living in Australia, levels of unemployment and the effects of homelessness.How common is homelessness in Australia? According to the most recent Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) said 116,000 people were homeless on census night in 2016, representing 50 homeless people per 10,000. The number of homeless people in Australia jumped by more than 14,000 ” or 14 per cent ” in the last five years to 2016, according to census data which also reveals a “significant” increase in older women on the streets and a growing group living in overcrowded accommodation. I don’t know about you but that is a major increase in just a small span of 5 years. However, this will only begin to rise as Australia’s cost of living is getting more and more expensive. With its great weather, cosmopolitan cities, diverse natural landscapes and relaxed lifestyle, it’s no wonder that Australia remains a top pick for expats. But how expensive is it? Australia currently has the 12th highest cost of living in the world, with the USA and UK well behind at 21 and 23rd place respectively. Living cost in Australia for one person is around $2835 per month. If we multiply that by a year, that is $34,020. Why is living cost in Australia expensive? First, if you live in one of Australia’s two biggest cities, Sydney and Melbourne (and more than 40% of Australians do live in one of these cities), housing costs are insane. The median house price in Sydney is AUD 1,167,516 and Melbourne isn’t very much better, at AUD 880,902. As for why housing is so expensive, in part it’s because of the rate of population growth. As population increases, having a low set price where anyone could buy a house would lead millions of people unhoused. Prices are set at an incredible rate that people would have to borrow a loan, rent or could even end up on the streets. In 2015″17, Sydney grew 4.12%, 3.96%, and 2.29%. That’s 10.7% growth in just 3 years. Melbourne is growing even faster: for 2015″17, Melbourne grew by 6.6%, 2.98%, and 3.21%, or 13.3% in 3 years. Construction is happening, but not fast enough. Living cost is not the only factor that causes homelessness, unemployment also led the list of causes of homelessness. I’m sure most of our parents work and have to pay taxes every year. The more money you earn you go into another tax bracket where you pay more per dollar you’ve earnt. Our money is collected from the government which is then contributed to services including schools, hospitals and building of roads and crisis centres for the homeless. When tax money is used to build these services, it opens job opportunities for those who are unemployed. Although, even if homeless people find a job, it is harder for them to keep then actually stay. But how does that even work? Aren’t their problems finally solved with them earning money? Homeless people face multiple challenges when it comes to finding, and keeping, a job.This can include the stigma associated with being homeless, a greater difficulty in maintaining hygiene, a lack of proper time structure and frequent moves. These factors make it very difficult for homeless people to find and stay in work. In addition, numerous individuals battling with homelessness frequently come across different challenges including low instruction, large amounts of mental pressure, poor physical wellbeing, risky medication use, low confidence, poor capacity to adapt to upsetting life occasions, and troublesome family situations. A few months back I was hanging around the city with some friends of mine when we saw a man busking with a sign up about his background story. His story was of how he ended up on the streets and becoming an orphan at a very early age of 16. He resulted into using drugs and began binge drinking, feeling hopeless and had the thought of suiciding. Now that is close to the age that we are. But what no one actually takes into consideration is what is the effect of homelessness?

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