Going into my Spring Senior Seminar in Human Sciences course Essay

Going into my Spring Senior Seminar in Human Sciences course, my initial thoughts were that this course would be a breeze, but I was sadly mistaken. Weekly, I was challenged to critically think through each discussion board. It was not those types of discussion boards where you could just write down anything, but you had to analytically think and evaluate yourself in order to properly convey your answers and understanding to the questions. I was shocked to see how fundamental these discussion boards were to learning myself and the next steps in my career.

I not only was able to learn about the things revolving around my education, but also to look at my life in a holistic perspective and see what I can improve or modify in order to be a better human being. This class posed a challenge for me, but nonetheless it was worth it. The discussion boards are primitive to helping you see your evolution during college and for learning how to adapt in our constantly changing world.

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Going into my Spring Senior Seminar in Human Sciences course Essay
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The discussion board that made me think rigorously was Week Two. I did not know what piqued my interest or energized me. Now that we are at the end, I see how effective this question was to my career and going forward. What piques my interest is learning and stimulating my brain. I love going to school. I love waking up and knowing that I have a specific goal to complete or that I have gained valid knowledge to share with others. I will apply everything that I learned in Week Two’s discussion board to my life by continuing my education and by attempting to find a career that overlaps with, both, my passion and my head, such as an educator. If this doesn’t work out, then I will search for jobs using just my educational strengths. I do not want to confuse my career dreams with my hobbies, as I will have time to enjoy my hobbies after work. For me, I think that it will be more beneficial to find a career based off of my education, as the whole purpose of my college investment is to profit from it.

Week three really got my blood pressure up, as I had never identified anyone as a mentor. My initial reaction and response was that I didn’t want a mentor. I thought that having a mentor meant that I couldn’t get through things on my own, which was not the right idea. I had to investigate all of the characteristics of a mentor and what they did. I realized that I had people in my life that fit the description of a mentor, but they just didn’t have the official stamp. Now, I think that having a mentor is great! They are good alternatives for stressed parents of troubled youth with behavior problems. My Godmother was a mentor for me when I was younger. She helped me get through high school and transition from a teenager into an adult. I learned that having a mentor doesn’t lessen our worth, but further they provide guidance and motivation in our life to help support/encourage our goals. I plan on applying this new knowledge by being that go-to-person for someone else and being a positive impact/role model for them.

My reaction to Week 4 discussion board was very overwhelming. I had to explore my interests and my major to see if it aligned with my purpose. My purpose is to be a good parent to my kids and to reach my fullest potential career wise. My purpose is what motivates me to get up every morning. Knowing that I have two boys to provide for, gives me strength to keep pushing. This discussion board helped me to prioritize my goals and discover what my reason for living was. I can utilize this knowledge by using it for personal development. I can use my purpose to improve my awareness of self by means of analyzing my skills in order to set higher goals, which sequentially will maximize my potential. I will also work on myself spiritually so that I can gain a deeper understanding and connection with the world around me in effort that it will guide me to other areas of my personal development that needs work, such as emotional and social.

Week Seven discussion was based on networking. My reaction to this discussion board was bitter-sweet as I disconnected myself from social media 4 years ago. I enjoyed using social media to connect with my peers/family near and far, but it had become so negative. I did not have any social media accounts, nor did I want any. I did have great references through internships, but I was unplugged from the outside world. This assignment enabled me to see how vital networking was to my success. Since, I have made a facebook page and a linked in account. I know that networking doesn’t only consist of using the internet, but it does help when time is a deterring factor and you want to keep in touch and nurture beneficial relationships with people you meet quicker and easier. How I plan to apply this networking knowledge to my life is by building relationships with people in my professional circle, in person or online, so that when the time to job search comes along, I can use them as valuable referrals, add them to my resume, and/or get leads on upcoming available positions.

Week 11 discussion board on “the HBCU experience” was my favorite. I may not be an on-campus student, but I value the opportunity to be attending an HBCU. NCCU, like other HBCU’s, was established to help African Americans advance themselves by providing an education so that they can have a better quality of life. The struggles that many people went through to lay the foundations of HBCU’s makes me very appreciative of my education and conquering my goals. I am a part of history and I am proof that HBCU’s are still thriving and prospering. I will incorporate all of the knowledge that I gained from NCCU to improve myself, empower others, and to accomplish exemplary tasks in society. I take pride in the HBCU legacy and I will always remember the history of our past and celebrate our positive advancement continuing forward. I am eager to go out into the world and promote HBCU’s so that our history can continue existing and our culture can continue to flourish. In unity we stand, divided we fall.

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