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Drawing on at least 2 of the learning resources, as well as any other resources that you find meaningful and relevant, what are some of your predictions regarding trends regarding any aspect of religion (either in the US or globally) twenty years from now?Please be sure to use APA citations in your text and to include your reference list.Resources WATCH short videos:Max Planck Society. (2012). Religion in the global space. Retrieved from”Voice of America. (2012). Study: Millenials reject religious doctrine. Retrieved from

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READ:Pew Research Center. (2014, Nov. 6). Religion and electronic media. Retrieved from Research Center (2015, April 7). The future of world religions: Population growth projections, 2010-2050. Retrieved from, M. (2015, May 12). Millenials increasingly are driving the growth of the “nones.” Retrieved from Research Center. (2018, Nov. 20). Where Americans find meaning. Retrieved from, E. M. (2020, April 29). Digital pilgrimages allow the faithful to travel the world from their couches. Retrieved from

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