gender and sexuality

In this discussion board assignment, you will

Identify some societal gender-based stereotypes that you were exposed to in your own family as a youth, or from watching television or advertising. (Note: the point here is to not share your opinion about same-sex relationships, but rather to identify the stereotypes you have witnessed.)
Discuss how these stereotypes may create bias when you are working as a correctional officer within a correctional service
Discuss how these stereotypes may create bias when you are dealing with an offender and possibly their significant other or family members.
As you formulate the response you will share with your classmates, be mindful of your language and practice sensitivity to the feelings and opinions of others. At no time in this course should you ever intentionally seek to offend another individual. This is not to say you can’t discuss specific examples from your life, but please, “check” your biases before you share and always be courteous and respectful. In addition, never feel like you have to share beyond your comfort level. Some of the most powerful reflections can be done internally.

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gender and sexuality
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Share your response with your classmates and provide meaningful comments that demonstrate comprehension and analysis to at least three of your peers’ posts. You may consider answering questions such as

Where do you see similarities/differences in opinions?
How do you agree/disagree?

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