Gemstones Paper Essay

Gemstones are many peoples prized possessions. Like at my house my mother has a translucent diamond ring, diamonds mineral name is diamond. My parents gave me a red ruby ring for my tenth birthday. The mineral name for a ruby is corundum.

Gemstones are minerals that are cut from naturally occurring crystals. Gemstones are minerals that when cut and polished they have beauty of such quality that they command a price. That is what makes the process of producing gems profitable.

For them to qualify as a gem, it should be hard and tough to resist scratching and have beautiful clarity. The value is based on rarity and rare quality. Minerals are naturally occurring substances that are solid, have a crystal structure, and have a specific chemical composition. Gemstones may be attractive rocks (combinations of minerals) or specific minerals which have characteristics that are considered desirable to the human eye, such as color, clarity of crystal, and hardness that makes it durable.

A gemstone is a mineral but a mineral isn’t always a gemstone.

Gemstones can be divided into two groups precious and semiprecious. A precious gemstone has beauty, durability, size and rarity. A semiprecious gem generally has one or two of these qualities. Value is given to minerals and gemstones by color, shape, type, cut, density, luster, sheen and clarity.

Some gemstones are named because of where they where mined like Tanzanite was mined in Tanzania and the Burma ruby was found in Burma. Some gemstones are named by who first discovered them. Some minerals are given the name that’s the same as the gemstones, like the mineral is called diamond and the gemstone is called diamond. Although most minerals have different names then the gemstones. Such as the mineral Beryl is called Emerald as a gemstone. Some minerals make up several gemstones, such as Quartz it could be Amethyst (purple Quartz), Citrine (yellow Quartz), or it could be Smoky Quartz (brown Quartz). Or like the mineral Corundum which makes up the gemstones Ruby and Sapphire.

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