Gastrointestinal reflux disease

The Grand Rounds presentation should consist of a patient scenario that you experienced in your clinical setting or a diagnosis that has been covered within the course material prior to this week. This may be presented in or Microsoft Word format.
Your goal is to:
• Provide a case study to go with the diagnosis.
• Utilize research articles or other materials to support your findings.
• Identify any practice barriers, issues, or problems (including cultural diversity and healthcare literacy).
• Discuss best practices for optimal outcomes.
In addition to submitting your presentation, you will also need to lead a discussion. Here are some guidelines:
• To prepare for your presentation, rehearse the key points and findings of your research and think about points you can make to initiate the discussion and keep it going.
• Develop questions you can ask to initiate the discussion and keep it going.
• As you approach the end of the discussion period, ask participants to:
o Summarize the discussion.
Keep the presentation interesting, professional, and focused to the topic. APA format is expected and references should be cited
Assignment 1 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
When You Are a Presenter:
Chose a diagnosis that has been covered in course materials up to this week and created a case scenario for that diagnosis. 10
Included research material to support the diagnosis and plan. 8
Identified any barriers, problems, or issues that may affect outcomes, including cultural diversity and/or healthcare literacy. 8
Discussed best practices for optimal outcomes. 8
Used APA format for presentation and cited references. 8
Facilitated discussion relevant to the presentation topic. 8
Total: 50

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