TITLE: The Revenge

FORMAT: Play Station 3

GENRE: Action and Adventure – Teenagers. PG.

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OVERVIEW: Shanty town, Hong Kong is a small town, 10 years ago living in a calm village, full of joyfulness. All of sudden, a team of ” dragon members” came into the town killing and kidnapped children cruelly to enlarged their dragon members, and saw Shanty as a perfect place to set up and train the kidnapped children to became a professional killer in the future to earn money for Dragon Member team.

Dragon members kill all the families in the town, and kidnapped 10 kids that lived in Shanty. The kids chained and threatened if they tried to escape from the town and dragon members would killed and not giving them food to eat. Dragon members will stay and keep an eye around the town. When Anna grew up she decided to escapes from the cruel town.


NAME: Neesa

AGE: 21

GENDER: Female

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: White skin, dark eyes, dark and long hair, fit.

LIKES: To cruel.

DISLIKES: Dragon members who killed her parents.


Nessa was raised by his parents in Shanty, Hong Kong, full of joyfulness and laughter. Until, dragon members killed her parents in front of her .She was kidnapped by dragon members and trained to a professional killer (killing animals, using sharp knife, cutting their own skin, being taught of having no feelings, no empathies towards everything).If she does not follow the instruction they won’t give her any food and will get punish by the dragon members. One day, after 10 years Nessa have grown up and” Dragon members” asked them to killed each other, and only 5 peoples can stay alive, the moment she thinks that she need to kill her friend who have been through all of this with her. And that’s when the she realizes that all of this need to be end. She decided to escape from this small town. Her mission, she needs get out from this town with someone’s help from who she trusted.

SPEECH: speaking Cantonese, full of anger, aggressive

MOTIVATIONS: Her desire to help other kids to escaped from the village and revenge for her parents.

BEHAVIOURS: Strength: smart, fit, fast runner, martial arts

Weakness: easily get emotional


NAME: Samuel

AGE: 19


PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Skinny, tall, white skin, nerdy look

LIKES: To explore the town, to find way to get out from there

DISLIKES: Kill people, being cruel


A boy that likes to study about geography and stars since he was young. One day, when he was walking to school he get kidnapped by dragon members and being taught to kill animals, to be cruel .He was very alert with places and everything in the town. He wasn’t cruel enough to kill all the animals and he get punished not to get any foods. This is when Nessa will always share her food with him. When Nessa asked for help to escapes from the town, he decided to help her.

SPEECH: Soft, very articulate.

MOTIVATIONS: To escaped from the village, to become a geographer


Strength: Intelligent, full of knowledge about stars, know all the places and ways to get out from the village

Weakness: Scare of animals, slow runner, and coward.


NAME: James

AGE: 23


PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: have a muscular body, short, dark skin, and messy hair.

LIKES: To build something from jungle trees

DISLIKES: Talk to anyone


A poor boy, lived in a village (without parents).Finding his own food (eat anything he could find to survive alone and build his own accommodation in the jungle to stay safe from all the dangerous animals. One day, when he is in the jungle to find food, he have been kidnaped by dragon members and being taught to kill people and he is a quick learner because never been taught of the right things to do in his life, doesn’t have any loved feelings from anyone.

SPEECH: Doesn’t know how to speak. (Did not talk much with people)

MOTIVATIONS: He wants to find her family that might been killed by dragon members and reunite the town once more

BEHAVIOURS: strength: Fast learner, and know how to handle dangerous animals, lots of knowledge about danger in the jungle, agile

Weakness: Too cruel, doesn’t have feelings


LEVEL ONE: Escaping from Shiny town.

The game begins with showing a peaceful town with happy families, nice views such a calm place. Then all of sudden, dragon member’s team came over the village with knife and wearing mask to kill and kidnapped kids. After 10 years, all the kids grown up. It is then you choose to play as either Nessa,Samuel or James .If there are two players, player one is Nessa and player two is Samuel and third player will plays as James character.. The players then has to plan where and when to escapes from a dragon members who always keep an eye to them when training. When Samuel have taken out the town map and compass. They escapes journey started. Each time they find a way to go out the village, there is always dragon member taking care every places of the village, and when they get caught Nessa and James would fight and kill them to continue their escapes. Samuel would need to find a way out in the village that is safe. Every time they found a way out, they would be another enemy appears, causing them to run once more and fight. This level will be completed when they found a river along their escapes.

LEVEL TWO: Dark night

They found the river and the player’s goal in this level is to find food and find a place to stay because the day is getting dark, this is when James need to find woods and palm leaf to build their cottage to stay at night and they need to cooperate to build the cottage. The hard thing here is that, in the village there is a lot of dangerous animals and not to forget the players need to hide from the dragon members. Samuel and James need to find woods and palm leaf for the cottage and Nessa would find food. In this mission, Nessa need to go across the river to find the food but when she did it, she find out there is dragon members there, and they fight cruelly .And the other players need to get there in 2 minutes to help Nessa if not she would die and they would failed the mission. After, Samuel and James helped Nessa, they would need to build an accommodation so that Nessa injured could be cure. At night, the players heard that there is a jaguar near their cottage and James have to kill it so that they could be safe from any danger. Eventually, Samuel decided to continue their journey that night because he thinks that the place wasn’t safe and Samuel finding a way out by seeing at the direction and the shape of the stars.

LEVEL THREE: Endless pain

The journey continue, the players found out that dragon members Is all around the place, and that’s when they knew the dragon members realized they tried to escapes from the town. James decided to do a weapons for Nessa and Samuel so that they could kill and escaped from them.Everytime they conflicted with the dragon members, Nessa and James would killed dragon members cruelly without any empathy and Samuel would stand there and scared to get killed by the dragon members. After a though journey, Samuel finds out that they are getting near to the road (outside of the town).When they’re out from the town. The three players reported to the police and James find out the truth that his parents get killed by the dragon members when he was 3 years old. Police and FBI have taken action and get into the town to arrest all the dragon members. They found out that the Dragon member’s team have been doing this for the past 20 years in different places and didn’t get a tracked of them. Because of Nessa and the other players decision to be brave and escaped from the town and completed all the level. The town had become a historical place in Hong Kong.

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