FYP_Proposal-version 1 Essay


Online Gift Delivering


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Danish Ali 16-Arid-1584

Sumbal Zaman 16-Arid-1612


Bilal Tariq Butt



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FYP_Proposal-version 1 Essay
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Gujrat Institute of Management SciencesPMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi

Members’ Detail

Project ID GIMS-BSIT16-FALL1627

Delivering Gift Without Visiting Gift Shop

Group Leader: Danish Ali

Group Members:2

Name Registration # Email Address Class

Danish Ali 16-Arid-1584 [email protected]

Sumbal Zaman 16-Arid-1612 [email protected]


Mr. Faizaan-ul-Mustafa


Dated: ________________

ApprovalI Mr. Bilal Tariq Butt __ am willing to guide these students in all phases of project titled “.

Delivering Gift Without Visiting Gift Shop” as supervisor. I have carefully seen the Title and description of the proposal and believe that it is of an appropriate difficulty level for the number of students named above.

Mr Bilal Tariq Butt

Lecturer, GIMS Dated: ___________

AbstractThis project is aimed to be developed a web-based application named “Delivering Gifts Without Visiting Gift Shop” which helps people to find latest ideas for buying gifts. This system can be used to store the details of the gifts, stock maintenance, update the gift based on the sales details, generate price and gift report daily or weekly based.

After Internet growth, most of the dimensions of our lives such as education, business, communication etc. were surpassed by this new phenomenon. One of these dimensions is to deal with online buying of different products and services. This project consists of list of different gifts and the method of sending gifts online. In this system we are solving different problem affecting to direct sales management and purchase management. Delivering Gifts System helps to minimize the errors while recording the stock.

In this application we have basically 2 modules. The first module includes the customer module.

The customers have to register for any enquiry related to gifts. The unregistered person can’t buy any gift. The registered customer can view details of gifts and can buy gifts of their choice and need. They can pay the price of gift.

The admin module contains the access of admin on the application. The admin can change everything in the application. He has the ability to Add, delete, update any information regarding the gifts.

Chapter 1

1: IntroductionShopping is one of the essential parts of our daily life. We’re using different shops to buy different kinds of things like gifts. In online buying security is one of the major concerns of most of the people. Through our proposed project, customers can easily perform an online transaction. They can buy different gift items for their loved ones. This website will include various products from different brands and categories. Customer can also select the various wrapping papers to get their gifts wrapped. Moreover, this website will provide a platform for customer to share their experiences around the items they have bought in the past and which types of gifts are suitable for which events.

The proposed system provides the user is a range of gifts items. User can Add the selected item to his shopping cart. User needs to register on the site before checking out. He can then login using same id and password next time. We have also included payment mechanism through using easy-paisa as this is considered as the most trusted mechanism for online payment by the people across the globe. We also include payment mechanism cash on delivery.

Problem Background

The existing system is very time consuming because customer needs to go to the shops and then find out the required products. In past system they waste a lot of their time. The motivation behind this project is to overcome all the defects in the existing system.

Some defects in existing system are:

Customer need to go shop for purchasing item.

Customer can view a limited range of products.

Cannot compare the prices with other stores.

Limited customer reach.

Customer from a certain area go for shopping.

Problem Statement

This system provides a great platform and chances to organization for public engagement. Social media can be a good marketing platform to spread whether an idea, thought or even commercial products or products for their personal use through exploring different websites. The concept of take and wrap has established to facilitate the customers who don’t have much time to go in the market and search for different items to gift their loved ones. This website will bring all the gift items wrapped and delivered at your doorstep. All you need to do is just take the gift and go to the party without being spoiled in bother of leaving your place, reach to the required shop, get the item, get it wrapped and then go to the party. This whole process is even worst when you are involved in office and family matters. But still, you can’t ignore this event. We will also support in making your special days like i.e. anniversary, birthdays, events a memorable one. We will provide the secure and trusted shopping and shipment mechanism by fulfilling the right orders at right time.

SignificanceOnline shopping is become most popular because of the numerous advantages, more and more people say they prefer online shopping over conventional shopping these days. The buyer’s decision-making process has changed dramatically in recent years. Buyers are conducting extensive research online before ever speaking to a sales person.

This website will bring all the gift items wrapped and delivered at your doorstep. All you need to do is just take the gift and go to the party without being indulged in bother of leaving your place, reach to the required shop, get the item, get it wrapped and then go to the party. This system has many reasons why we prefer it.


You can send gifts more easily

Price comparison

No need to travel

No crowd

Better price


Fever expense

Discreet purchases

ObjectivesThe goal of this system is to develop a web-based interface for consumers. The system would be easy to use and hence make the shopping experience pleasant for the users.

There are some objectives:


Product management.


Products with category

Orders management


Live chat





Payment Method

Add to cart




Live chat

People will be sitting at one place, can reach a number of products with different varieties and can order them and would get them at their door step.

The project has been designed to simulate the working of an actual gift delivery center.

Limitations and Restrictions:In this project we have faced various difficulties, starting from setting of objectives, problem recognition.

Lack of touch and feel of merchandise in online shopping.

Lack of shopping experience.

Delay in delivery.

Lack of significant discounts in online shops.

Our products will mainly consist of the various categories that the people usually purchase for gifting purposes

OverviewIn our country online shopping system increase day by day. Our project is creating for those people who has less time to consume. This system is web base application that is why people find gifts of their choice and need at any place. However, this system will reduce the cost. By this project one user, know another user opinion about products. It is helpful for customers.

Project Goal:

Attract user: We can provide interactive interface that interact the user to use over system.

Facilitate user: We provide easy access to the user select their product, can zoom, rotate and order it and it will be delivered on time.

Advertisement: We advertise our system through social media.

Type of project: Development

Project Success criteria:

Successfully design a module that allows customer to order his favorite product.

Product given accurately.

Security of data. Data are well protected for personal use.

Easy to find information which user want.

Minimized manual data entry.

User friendly and interactive interface.

Minimized time requirement during the order placement process and gives faster services.

Risks of the Project:

Difficulty in tracking consumers location history

Lack of visual confirmation that the order was placed correctly

Manual work and consumers large volume of data

(Please mark where applicable) Low Medium High

Technical risk ? ?

Timing risk ? ?

Budget risk ? ?

Organization Details (if any):

This project is designed and developed for an organization named as Ossama Gift Center. We provide the Letter that is issued by organization.

Development Technology/ Languages:


BOOTSTRAP (CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery)


XAMP Server



Web basedDistributedSetup Configurations

Desktop basedAndroid iOS


Project Supervisor: Sir Bilal Tariq Butt


Approved ? Yes ? No

Approving Committee:

Date: ________________

Mention the Reason(s) if not approved:



System ArchitectureOur Gift Delivery system will include client side, server side with data bases and messaging service. It is a web browser for Gift Delivery system where user can login, Signup, can create order, view products. Guest users can also order but his history will not be maintained for him. There is database for admin and customers. We will also incorporate facilities provided by third party service such as easy-paisa.

Figure 1.1: System Architecture

Software/Hardware RequirementsOperating system: Windows7/ windows8/windows10

Technology: PHP

Processor: AMD Dual-Core

Processor speed: 1.0GHZ

RAM: 2GB or above

Hard disk: 20GB or above

Implementation Tools and TechnologyTo implement the project the software tools and technologies that used here are open source that means it is free to use, which reduces the cost to buy or to implement the project. For designing the project, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS is used which is open source. Apache web server is use as web server; PHP, JavaScript, jQuery is use for database coding. MySQL is use for database server. All these tools and technologies are open source. The following section describes these in details:


In this project, the website is design using HTML language stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.

Easy to use

Supported on almost every browser; if not all browser

Widely used


Easy to learn and code even for new programmers


In this project, most of the coding done with this. PHP supports many databases.


We use this for designing. Because of:

Speed of development





In this project, MySQL is use as database server. MySQL is use because

MySQL is small database server.

MySQL is ideal for small and medium size application.

MySQL supports standard SQL.

MySQL is free to download and use.


Server is free and open source cross platform web server solution stack package by Apache friend, consisting mainly of the Apache server, Database and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and programming language.

Implementation PlanFor my project, we plan to use waterfall as a process model. The rapid model is use when rapid production is more important than the quality. When clients will be able to change the scope of the project. It is use when new changes can do. To implement new features the developers, need to lose only the work of few days, or even only hours to roll back and implement it.

Deliverable ItemsProject Proposal

Software Requirement Specification (SRS)

Project Presentation and Final Documentation

Executable Files


User manual

Milestone Chart (Gantt chart):

Figure 1.2: Gantt chart for milestonesFunctional RequirementsThe system must provide following functionalities:

Keeping records of registrations of customer.

Keeping records of product.

Keeping record of daily sell.

Storing the feedback given by the customer.

Keeping detail about the product it is delivered or not.

Work becomes very speedy.

Easy and fast retrieval of information.

Access of any information individually.

For Customers

Facility of Login:

Customers have to be logged in by their username and password.

Facility of search:

We provided the search facility whether manual or auto to the customers.For Admin

Facility of Login:

Admin has to be logged in by their username and password.

Manages the website:

Admin is the authorized person that manages the whole website i.e. registration of customer, confirmation of the registration, addition of products/gifts, deletion of Gifts, any updating in information.

Non-Functional RequirementAll non-functional requirements of proposed system are as followed:

Application availability will be 24/7 in a year. It means user can use this platform at any time anywhere.

Application security is good. User data is secure and can be seen by only that user.

Interactive Design/Usability is good. It is easy to use this application.

Performance/Efficiency of this application is good. It does not take long time to open and do not hang on any browser.

This application secures data of each user and do not involve third party to use his all user data. It means privacy of this application is good.

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