FYP Proposal (TA&EB) Essay

Department of Information technology

Final Year Project traditional Art & Embroidery of balochistan


Supervisor: lec.m.arslan idrees

Group members


Madiha Yusufi 38168

Sheeza Ishtiaq38694

Sheharyar Javaid37488

8119888639251Balochistan University of IT, Engineering, and Management Sciences

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FYP Proposal (TA&EB) Essay
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00Balochistan University of IT, Engineering, and Management Sciences


TOC o “1-3” h z u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc5217973 h 3Literature Review PAGEREF _Toc5217974 h 4Scope of the projects PAGEREF _Toc5217975 h 5Benefits/Utility of the project PAGEREF _Toc5217976 h 6Commercialization/Business Potential of the Project PAGEREF _Toc5217977 h 7Project Requirements PAGEREF _Toc5217978 h 8Hardware Requirements PAGEREF _Toc5217979 h 8Software Requirements PAGEREF _Toc5217980 h 8Other requirements or constraints PAGEREF _Toc5217981 h 8Estimated cost PAGEREF _Toc5217982 h 8Project Plan PAGEREF _Toc5217983 h 9Gantt Chart PAGEREF _Toc5217984 h 9List of deliverables PAGEREF _Toc5217985 h 9Future work PAGEREF _Toc5217986 h 10References PAGEREF _Toc5217987 h 11


Traditional Art & Embroidery of Balochistan (TA&EB): The talent of Pakistan especially for making the handicrafts are worthwhile.

Pakistan handicrafts items are also exported which the talent of Pakistani people who make such kind of things.

But handicrafts of Pakistan are normally sold in physical markets so the people who want these type of things national or global wise but they don’t have to know the quality and price and fraud people or companies take advantage to give them low-quality handicraft and charged them so much.

We will make a dynamic website for the handicraft of Pakistan. We will offer to those handicraft makers shop to come on board and sell their items on our website and the customer will buy their items by checking their ratings and reviews Balochistan is the largest province in terms of area of Pakistan. No other parts of Pakistan can match the rich variety of Balochistan stitches and traditional embroidery created by the women by their hands. Balochi embroidery is one of the oldest in history. Balochi female dresses are very famous because of their unique embroidery patterns and stitches design adopted from the very native land. The art of embroidery in which involves the threads with unfaded colors which they used in embroidery they also use beads and tiny mirrors in their handmade embroidered Balochi dresses.

The local makers of Balochi Chapel feel proud of their art which is very famous in the provincial capital city, Quetta. There are excess of shops where Balochi chapels are sold at a price of Rs500 to Rs5000pkr. On the event of Eid festivals, these shops are crowded with people. The makers also made shoes of people’s choice in order. The pairs of shoes with local Balochi embroidery are sold at higher prices and also sold their local chapels to out of the country. The handmade manufacturing of Balochi chapel is a very fine work requiring keen attention and hard work. Shoe/Chapel making of “Marri” and “Bugti” areas is very famous for its particular styles and designs. The local Chapel makers presently find it difficult to earn a handsome profit as the cost of manufacturing is increasing rapidly with the rising prices of raw material including leather, thread, and so on. We are observing a reduction in sales of Balochi chapel for the last few years. The people purchase our local Balochi chapel once in a year particularly on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. A large amount of availability of Chinese shoes (chapel) at lower prices in the local market is one of the major reasons behind the reduction sale of the local handmade chapel.

A local owner of Balochi chapel shop said.

Home-based workers are a major part of society. They have to be seen as workers and producers For making them eligible for social protection and they should be recognized as a worker in the labor laws of the country. Balochistan government has no database on skilled persons who work from their home as they are not recognized under labor laws. These home-based workers are simply a non-entity(significant no importance) for the government. Our main purpose of making this project is for the talented women of the Balochistan, who have skills of embroidery in their hands and want to earn with respect from home. As a citizen of Balochistan, it is our responsibility to provide them a platform for their earning.

Literature Review

In the current framework of traditional embroidery, people are not ready to get appropriate data about the recreation of embroidery led in different towns and village of Balochistan. The people need to invest the energy to get the elegant beauty about traditional embroidery.

In the current traditional embroidery framework, people get all the information of Balochi and Pashtoon embroidery patterns from the venue or going their homes and specific shops. By this application of “Traditional Embroidery of Balochistan,” people can buy all Balochi and Pashtoon traditional embroidery dresses from anywhere and anytime. By utilizing this framework people can spare a great deal of time.

Scope of the project

User Login: When people visit the website and want to buy something, then he needs to be login first by write down their email, phone number, and password. Using their phone number and password, a user can also login to our web-based application.

Sign-Up: The procedure for Sign-Up or to create the account is, the user should enter all the details like name, email, password, date of birth, gender including their phone number for the verification code and then click on sign-up. Then, all this information will be stored in the database.

Selling On: Here depending on the website visitor if he/she wants to sell any handmade traditional embroidered dress or home d?cor so, here we provide them a platform for earning at their place. The procedure of sign-up/registration for selling on our website is in the following steps:

Provide us the complete detail of yourself and your business.

Like, Account type: personal or business. Where shop based in, home Address and a mobile number.

Provide us the complete information about your selling product and list your products.

After sign-up your selling on account, you can receive orders and manage them by using the selling on and expand your business.

Receive payments cash on delivery or directly in your account as per customer wish.

Add to Cart: When a user adds items to the cart then the user must follow the checkout requirement which includes location, order summary, sub total, and shipping fee then click on checkout.

Cash on Delivery: We ensure that our customer’s payment transaction stipulates that the purchaser must pay for the products when they are delivered. If the purchaser fails to pay for the products upon delivery, then the products are returned to the seller.Benefits/Utility of the project

There are a lot of benefits for the online Traditional Embroidery of Balochistan, followings are given below:

Save time.

With an online buying system, families are able to buy their own choices traditional costumes which information directly provided into your system. This decreases the amount of time you visit to find out the traditional embroidery from the shops or markets.

Selling of Traditional Art of Balochistan.

Balochi dresses, chapels home d?cor, are brought to the capital Quetta where these dresses are bought by the dealers or shopkeepers who involved in the selling of traditional costumes for a very tiny amount. Later, the same dresses they sold on high prices without paying reasonable remuneration to their creators.to.

Huge Value of Traditional Art of Balochistan in the World.

These Balochi embroidered dresses, chapel & home decor have a huge value inside the country as well as abroad, especially in Gulf countries these dresses. However, for want of publicity and marketing, this unique and valuable art remains hidden from the eyes of glob yet which would otherwise serve as a profitable industry for the very creators of this art. A proper marketing strategy is required for better promotion of this unique work.

Commercialization/Business Potential of the ProjectAfter making the complete E-commerce store for Traditional Art of Balochistan. We will offer this store to the dealers who export the traditional Balochi embroidered dresses, chapels, and Balochi Home D?cor and other Traditional art. Sellers can purchase this web-based application for their manual dealing of the selling system.

Project Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Good internet speed

Processor: Intel dual core or above

Processor Speed:1.0GHZ or above

RAM: 1 GB RAM or above

Hard Disk: 20 GB hard disk or above

Software Requirements

Front-End: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, and Jquery

Back-End: APIs, PHP, and Laravel

Project Plan

Gantt Chart

List of deliverables


Designing and Analysis Mockups (Web design, DFD’s, etc.)

UML Diagrams



Future work

Make an Android Application.

Government of Balochistan and different NGO’s can upgrade the current arts and design and provide them a social platform for showing their skills of handmade embroidery and art.



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