Fuddy Meers Essay

They play was quite an interesting play with its use of comedy and tragedy. The actors did a terrific job on portraying the characters. The set was small so it was much easier to see their reactions. The introduction to the play was pretty unique with those people in tight pants and glitter all over everybody in the lobby. They never broke character no matter what went on in the lobby. Later they used as prompts on stage which was pretty interesting because at times I was so into the play I forgot they were there acting as a car or a door.

Although Claire was the main character, the actor who played Millet had the best acting on stage. They way he switch between the two personality was amazing and hilarious. He portrayed the character really well and had me believing for a bit that he actually had a dual personality. His entrance on to the stage in every scene was perfect, every time he can on he was really enthusiastic and his enthusiasm did not fluctuate too much in the play, even though he was not playing one but two characters.

The actress who played Claire portrayed the character well. From the beginning to the end she really captured the characters and her emotions. When she first entered on stage I was confused of what was going as she was walking aimlessly across the stage but later realized that was the whole point. She wanted the audience to believe she was confused and lost; and she did. I notice her break the fourth wall every now and then as she looked into the audience. I suppose it was part of the scrip to interact with the audience because she mostly did it when she was on the side doing random things with the people in tight pants. Her entrances where perfect every time, even though the scenes where being switched off between her and Richard in the car, she never seen to loose focus. You could clearly see every expression on her face which made it more realistic to the audience.

The actor who played Richard could have done a better job on portraying his character. He wasn’t terrible it just looked like he was trying to hard; it just didn’t seem as natural. For example in the scene he gets pulled over by the lady cop, he was a little too jittery; no one really acts like that. Overall he did pretty decent job but could have done much better.

The limping man, who was Zack than later we found out he was Claire ex husband, did an amazing job portraying his character. It wasn’t only his facial deformation, which I have to admit looked pretty real to me, but was the way he acted out the character, from the lisp to the scary deep voice, that made him truly incredible. He made the audience believe he was really deformed. The scene when he first took Claire and he was struggle to enter the window was pretty hilarious but he also gave an insight to what he character was going through.

They endowed many things on the set, most of the things looked pretty realistic. In the scene when Richard and his son go looking for Claire they used a paper joint to endow the marijuana they were smoking but they did not portray being under the influence as well as they could have. Usually people that smoke pot are really laid back and giggly with short term memory loss not knowing what their doing half the time. They also endowed the officer’s gun which still look pretty real. When Claire was running up and down the stage with that knife it seem pretty dangerous but from where I was sitting I couldn’t even tell if it was real or fake.

The overall play was excellent and it gave me an opportunity to learn from these actors what to do and not to do. They really had some tremendous actors on this set who did an amazing job on convincing the audience on what was going on in the play.

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